MSI Research Goal

Through the Marine Studies Initiative, we are advancing leadership in transdisciplinary marine research and scholarship. 

We are building on Oregon State's world-class marine research and scholarship and forming networks that span scientific, political, and socio-cultural disciplines. From integrated marine systems science to studying society’s reliance on the sea to global change and coastal community resilience, this research will advance the collective ability to accurately predict the outcomes of human actions and model the future trajectories of the world’s complex ecosystems. 

Our Strategies to achieve this goal:

  • ADVANCE SCHOLARLY LEADERSHIP: Elevate existing marine research programs to internationally recognize excellence through strategic faculty hiring and increased programmatic support.


  • CREATE A FRAMEWORK FOR TRANSDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH: Develop and implement effective organizational and governance structures at Oregon State to achieve transdisciplinary collaboration that spurs innovations from basic scientific and scholarly discoveries to their practical applications.


  • ENHANCE AND EXPAND BUILT AND VIRTUAL FACILITIES: Provide environments that encourage creative collaborations that leverage the university’s strengths and have meaningful impacts. This includes enhancing existing facilities and building new infrastructure. Beyond promoting collaborative scholarly accomplishments, these facilities will also support teaching, learning, outreach and engagement goals.


For more information, see our Strategic Plan