This is Oregon State University on the coast

The MSI is an interdisciplinary effort that cohesively involves each of Oregon State’s 11 colleges and Honors College, the university’s Graduate School, the Hatfield Marine Science Center campus, the university’s Marine Experiment Station and Seafood Lab.

OSU Seafood Research & Education Center

Part of the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station with locations in Newport and Astoria.  Also affiliated with the OSU Department of Food Science & Technology.

Hatfield Marine Science Center

Located in Newport, Oregon, Hatfield Marine Science Center is Oregon State University's marine lab serving as a base for distinguished oceanographic research and education, providing academic programs and opportunities for students in secondary and post-secondary education. The campus also hosts six state and federal agencies on the 49-acre campus.

Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building

The Gladys Valley Marine Studies building is designed to help develop a vibrant learning community for students, faculty, and partners to convene on ocean issues. This unique building will aid students, professionals, and lifelong learners in leadership, education, and workforce preparation by giving individuals the experience and training to navigate a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Port Orford Field Station

South of Cape Blanco on the windswept southern coast of Oregon is an OSU research and education field station. The station is a hub that supports student learning, scientific research, community priorities, and economic opportunities, and fosters coastal stewardship and sustainability by supporting access to the region’s unique marine and terrestrial ecosystem.