Potential Impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19):  The health and well-being of everyone involved in the OSU MSI summer internship program is our top priority. Currently there are no directives from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to avoid domestic travel, but this could potentially change at any point prior to, or during, the OSU MSI summer internship program. The COVID-19 outbreak and responses in the U.S. have varied depending on local situations, including on college campuses, and our program will be following any guidance established by OSU and the CDC. This could include modification to a remote program, developed with your mentor. We will keep you informed if there are any changes to this internship program.

Are you a student seeking an internship focused on coastal or ocean issues?


If yes, we are excited to help you find an opportunity.

Our goal in the Marine Studies Initiative is to work with programs across campus and develop more opportunities for learning outside the classroom, including internships that give students research and career experiences locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Internships are typically short-term work assignments related to your major or career interests. Completing an internship is an excellent way to develop the hands-on skills and professionalism needed for a successful transition into the work place. 

For more information, contact us and use the resources on this page.


Connect with your academic program advisor about your internship interests. 

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Renee Doran - MSI FFAST Internship

My internship is with the Fisherman First Aid and Safety Training (FFAST), a joint project between the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Sea Grant, and MSI. FFAST is a US Coast Guard certified first aid training program that prepares fishermen to respond to emergency situations under the working conditions and limited resources of an active fishing vessel. The project’s main goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness, scalability, and sustainability of FFAST as a viable first aid training course. I am truly excited to be part of a project that is giving back to an important and vital community working and living on our ocean.

I’m a 4th year Biology major with a Marine option and minor in Theatre Arts. When I graduate, I plan on becoming an officer in the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps, where I hope to operate vessels and serve in a leadership position aiding in NOAA’s scientific mission.

I spend my free time in the Oregon State Theatre department, helping construct and paint sets or working backstage in productions. I am helping backstage with my ninth university production this term!

My favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo.

My escape place is the university theatre scene shop.

My favorite comfort food is mac and cheese.