Are you a student seeking an internship focused on coastal or ocean issues?


If yes, we are excited to help you find an opportunity.

Our goal in the Marine Studies Initiative is to work with programs across campus and develop more opportunities for learning outside the classroom, including internships that give students research and career experiences locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Internships are typically short-term work assignments related to your major or career interests. Completing an internship is an excellent way to develop the hands-on skills and professionalism needed for a successful transition into the work place. 

For more information, contact us and use the resources on this page.


Connect with your academic program advisor about your internship interests. 

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Research Experiences for Undergraduates

(Newport, Corvallis)


 2019 Summer Internships

(Newport, Port Orford, Bandon)


Meet the Summer Interns


Bailey Burk, Summer Intern 2019


"My name is Bailey Burk, I'm from Gresham, OR, working towards a Microbiology major with minors in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at Oregon State. In addition to my classes at OSU I play clarinet in four music ensembles on campus, including Marching Band and Wind Ensemble. I love being outside, reading, playing volleyball, and my dog (his name is Mocha). I have been doing research in environmental microbiology since I got to OSU, and I'm excited to step outside of that a little bit this summer.

My internship is working with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Marine Resources Program. I will be helping to spread the word about the native Red Rock Crab, which is commonly mistaken as an invasive Japanese crab. I'll be researching the misinformation out there and helping create a campaign all about how Red Rock Crabs are native crabs.

I'm looking forward to spending a summer at Hatfield, interacting with people in the Marine Resources Program and the recreational fisherman I will be interviewing. I am looking forward to being on the coast this summer, and learning more about the conservation process.

From this experience I hope to learn more about the marine ecosystem on the Oregon Coast, and what people are doing to protect it.

My favorite cartoon character is Kim Possible.

My favorite escape place is the Columbia River Gorge.

My favorite comfort food is a freshly baked homemade chocolate chip cookie."

Griffin Thoms, Summer Intern 2019


"My name is Griffin Thoms. Some of my interests and hobbies are rock climbing, skiing, playing guitar, and making random things. I am studying mechanical engineering and will hopefully be done in the fall. My internship for the summer will be focused on designing and building a coring device used to get samples to look at the blue mud shrimp. I am looking forward to not only designing the device but also building it. I really enjoy hands on things and love working in the machine shop, so actually getting to make this thing will be fun. I hope to gain real world job experience. Most of my engineering experience has been in school and it will be a nice change to be working. I also look forward to learning a bit about the biology on the Oregon coast. Biology and engineering are very different so it will be cool to be around something new.

My favorite cartoon is SpongeBob. My favorite escape place would be anywhere with some climbable boulders, and my favorite comfort food is pizza."

Shoshana McClarence, Summer Intern 2019


"I am a graduate student in the process of transitioning from my OSU Master’s program in Interdisciplinary Studies to my Doctoral program in Interdisciplinarity of Religious Studies. My focus here at OSU has been studying mysticism, and the idea of the beyond, through the contemporary art movement Land Art. My interest has always been in seeing the environment around us as intrinsically interconnected to human life and challenging people to consider the implications of human actions on the ecological world.

In addition to this scholarly work I am an artist. I work in 2D mixed media, sculpture, and painting and try to connect my study of mysticism to the natural world through the creation of abstract images. I find that abstraction is able to capture a type of emotion that is sometimes lost in realism.

My internship at MSI will be focused on making art that bridges the gap between realism of the physical environment and abstraction of complex emotion associated with experiences of unity with the world around us. I hope to open up a dialogue between the community of Newport, the Hatfield Marine Science Center, and local artists of all different levels of experience. I see the act of creating art to be an empowering step toward a better world. The experience of making art, with so many different people, is what I look forward to the most during my internship, as well as helping to use art as a tool to think critically of our role in protecting the environment.

I hope to combine scientific research and art in a way that is accessible to folks. Learning how to make this kind of integration possible and to then continue with this kind of research in the future is instrumental in finding new innovative ways to combat the pressing environmental issues of our time.

My favorite cartoon character is Louise from Bob’s Burgers.

My escape place is the beach.

My favorite comfort food is chicken and waffles."