Advancement Award

This award cultivates interdisciplinary collaborations, including human dimensions of the ocean and coasts. Awardees expand educational opportunities at the coast and further strengthen inclusive excellence in marine-related programs.

Advancement Award

The Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) invites proposals to advance marine and coastal studies. This opportunity is
possible because of generous private contributions. Our program strives to create a healthy future for the
ocean and the planet through interdisciplinary research and teaching that emphasizes collaboration,
experiential learning, engagement with society and problem solving. We anticipate being able to fund
several projects with awards up to $5,000 each.


Awardees should help to advance excellence in marine-related education, research, and/or outreach and engagement, and engage with students in these opportunities. 

  • Cultivating interdisciplinary collaborations, including through focus on human dimensions of the ocean and coasts;
  • Expanding and enhancing educational opportunities at the coast; and/or
  • Further strengthening inclusive excellence in marine-related programs

Award may be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Student projects and field trips for coastal experiences
  • New course development and/or delivery for courses to be held on the Oregon coast, at either the Hatfield Marine Science Center or the Port Orford Field Station
  • Workshops, trainings, and/or pilot projects to advance research collaborations and lead to future work
  • Exhibits or performances related to the ocean and coasts


Priority is given to projects that (a) focus on human dimensions of the ocean and coasts, (b) take place on the Oregon coast, and (c) intentionally involve students, such as through courses, internships, or research experiences. 

To request an award:

  1. Use the Proposal Upload Form to submit your proposal.

  2. Your proposal must be a single document, consisting of a 1-page narrative, 1-page with a budget, timeline, and deliverables, and 1-page describing the capabilities of the Project Leader and key team members. See proposal requirements on this page.

Questions? Contact [email protected].

Requests are due January 24th, 2024, AT 5:00 PM Pacific time. Successful applicants will be notified mid February 2024, with an anticipated start date of March 1st, 2024. 

Award duration: 1-year, maximum
Eligibility: Faculty and students in any academic or research unit at Oregon State University.

Proposal format:

Your proposal should use the outline below. All components are required.
Cover sheet: Title, Project Leader and key personnel, Institutional affiliations and contact information including email address, Requested amount, and project start date and duration.

Proposal narrative, 1-page: Include:

  • Brief background, including the problem or opportunity that is to be addressed
  • Objective(s) and approach(es)
  • Impact of this project
  • Timeline and deliverable(s)

Proposal budget, 1-page: Please note there are no indirect costs. Tuition and permanent equipment are not eligible.

  • Budget categories:
    • Personnel salary or wages and benefits: These cost categories are discouraged. If requested, make sure to justify the need specific to the project.
    • Supplies and services: give a total and explain in a brief budget justification
    • Travel
    • Other allowable costs include, but not limited to: Participant support, stipends and honoraria, publication costs, services, and other costs not included above. Explain in budget justification.
    • Total requested, not to exceed $5,000
  • Justification: Provide brief narrative how the requested funds within each category will be used.

Key Personnel, 1-page: Briefly explain specific roles and qualifications of the project leader and other significant contributors to your project


Submission: Please use the Proposal Upload Form to submit your proposal for consideration. The deadline for submission is Friday, January 24th, 2024, 5:00 PM Pacific time.

Review Criteria and Process: Proposals will be reviewed by the Marine Studies Initiative leadership team and evaluated based on the proposed activities and the proposal team’s ability to advance the Advancement Award goals. Priority will be given to projects that emphasize educational coastal experiences, the human dimensions of the ocean and coasts, and inclusive excellence in marine-related programs. Lower priority will be given to projects previously funded. Previously funded projects are strongly encouraged to add new work using lessons learned from prior year(s). 

Award notification and payments: Award applicants should expect to be notified mid-February 2024, with an anticipated start date of March 1, 2023. If awarded, the MSI Office will coordinate with the project leader to determine mechanism of funds distribution.


If you have questions about the proposal submission process, please email [email protected].