Marine Studies Initiative Strategic Plan PDF

MSI Vision PDF


JUST AS THE OCEAN HAS INSPIRED CREATIVITY FOR MILLENNIA, the Marine Studies Initiative will harness people’s fascination with the sea and all it touches to motivate the next generation of students and citizens. Through its collaborative, transdisciplinary programs, this initiative will provide innovative approaches to solving ocean-related societal challenges. We are pleased to share this Strategic Plan for Oregon State University and its external partners to achieve the successful stewardship of our ocean, including the wealth of benefits it provides to people, for today and into the future.

This plan is based on the efforts of more than 125 Oregon State faculty and students, educational partners from across the state and hundreds of conversations with Oregon citizens and decision makers over the last year. During the planning process, working groups produced series of reports.

Building on Oregon State’s half-century of excellence in marine sciences, we have a unique opportunity to create a globally distinct program that blends the natural and social sciences, business, engineering, education, the arts and humanities.
The time is right to launch this initiative to provide a transformational educational experience centered on marine studies, increase access to higher education for Oregon’s coastal communities, elevate our transdisciplinary research to even
greater global distinction, sustain and enhance the state’s marine-related economy and increase marine literacy across Oregon. Please join us as we set sail on this exciting voyage.

For more information about our planning, check out reports and documents produced by working groups and contact us.