Making Waves

These awards recognize and reward OSU undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding scholarship and pursuits consistent with the transdisciplinary, collaborative, experiential learning and outreach vision and mission of MSI.


2019 Award & Scholarship Recipients 

Haley Kent 

With the help of the Award, I am able to pursue my dreams of returning back to school for a master’s degree in fisheries science and begin my journey to become a shark research technician. I used the granted funds to pay for grad school entrance exam and some undergraduate course fees.

Kayl Cota

Award funds offset the cost of traveling to and from my summer 2019 internship with the Aquarium of the Pacific’s (AOP) Marine Mammal Photo ID internship.  This internship allowed me to gain valuable experience and knowledge about marine mammals (whales in particular) and a better understanding of the relationship that humans have with the marine environment.

Lily Jackels 

The funds covered some course fees, advancing my understanding of the biological world, and how crucial the marine environment is to the rest of the planet’s wellbeing. I was able to be more active in Ocean11 marine club activities the fall of my sophomore year. Receiving the Award made beach clean-ups feel more rewarding knowing that I could put more energy to creating change.

Tom McCambridge

The Award supported my study abroad experience in Queensland, Australia. This was an incredible experience where I got to experience one of the most incredible natural wonders in the ocean and gain a deeper understanding of the interplay between culture and environmental conservation. I lived on Lizard Island Research Station in the Great Barrier Reef, saw international collaboration between engineers, scientists, and even writers, and learned about contemporary Australian culture and economy as well as historical and contemporary Aboriginal Australian culture.

Nikolay Galtsev

Award funds supported travel to the National Association for Advancement of Sustainability Conference in Spokane, WA. I connected with veterans of sustainability work, professionals in the field, and students like me who want to make a difference. This award helped instill in me fundamental sustainability values like social justice, showed me that private entities can lead in sustainability and that everyone is coming together to recognize and act on this climate emergency reality.