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The Hatfield Marine Science Center offers unique opportunities to study and experience the coast. The instruction, research, and internship opportunities at the Center make OSU an excellent place to pursue the study of the coastal and ocean environments and coastal communities.

Oregon stands out for its mixture of unparalleled access to the beach and ocean and the natural beauty of its coastline. It is a source of inspiration, reflection, and repose. In this setting, we are poised to create solutions to sustain the diverse ecosystems, communities and economies at the confluence of the continent and sea.

As a leading marine laboratory in the Pacific Northwest, Hatfield Marine Science Center has the expertise, technology, and responsibility to address important issues of high economic, scientific, and aesthetic value in marine and coastal systems. Its locality, ready access to the ocean and richness of partners—agencies, industry, and constituencies—create a physical and intellectual campus known for multidisciplinary research, education, and outreach that is world-class and international in scope. Hands-on educational opportunities train the marine science leaders of tomorrow, and outreach transfers knowledge to the public sector using new and compelling approaches.

Spring Courses @ Hatfield 

Intro to Marine Life in the Sea (BI 111 CRN 33009/37183/38632)

More courses will be posted soon!


Fall Courses @ Hatfield

Coastal Ecology and Resource Management (FW 426/526)

Communicating Ocean Science to Informal Audiences (SED 435/535)

Estuarine Ecology (OC 434/534)

Natural History of Whales and Whaling (FW 419/519)

Marine Conservation Biology (464/564)

Research Experience or Internship Credits (FW/IB/OC 401/410)

  • Discuss with advisor before registering.

Practicum in Science Communication (ED 309)

HMSC Seminar (FW 407/507)

Methods in Physiology and Behavior of Marine Megafauna (FW 469/569)

Student Experience

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