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Madeline Judokusumo

Hello everyone! My name is Madeline, and I am a junior double majoring in Environmental Sciences with a GIS certification, and Economics. I come from Indonesia and this summer I have the chance to do an internship with the Port of Newport. I will be working on the supply chain in regional recycling and waste disposal from the Port. I look forward to learning more about the challenges of recycling and ways that the Port can dispose waste in a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial way. I hope from this experience, I can work with companies in the future who want to dispose their waste responsibly within their budgets. Or maybe I’ll come up with a great supply-chain model that can be sold to companies or factories. 

My favorite cartoon character is Maggie Simpson! She is the epitome of “actions speak louder than words”. A favorite escape place is the coast, especially warm beaches. My comfort food is Indomie goreng. 

Grant Marschall

My name is Grant Marschall and I am currently going into my fourth year at Oregon State University. I will be the MSI Marine Reserve Interpretation & Science Communication intern stationed in Port Orford. I will be working in the Redfish Rock Marine Reserve collecting juvenile rockfish for further research as well as sponsoring events by working with the Redfish Rocks Community Team under Tom Calvanese. I am very excited about this opportunity, specifically the fieldwork and collection aspects, and plan on taking that experience as well as the community involvement skills I will develop with me into my future career.  

Some of my hobbies include birding, fishing, skiing, hiking, and painting. My all-time favorite character would be Spiderman and my favorite comfort meal would have to be a chicken pot pie. When I need to escape, I typically head to my nearest wildlife sanctuary to watch the birds and enjoy the nature around me. I am excited to get to spend some time in Port Orford and cannot wait to be a part of the Redfish Rocks Community Team. 

Delayna Canon

My name is Delayna Canon. I am a Marine Studies Major here at OSU! I grew up on a farm in Philomath, OR, which enabled my love for animals early on. It wasn’t until I went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium for the first time that I realized how much I love marine life. The coast has always been an escape for me, and I find comfort in visiting tide pool areas like Seal Rock. I have a passion for marine science education and outreach, with a focus in accessibility! I want everyone to be able to enjoy the ocean like I do. 

My MSI internship is with the US Forest Service, where I will be working in coastal bird stewardship and outreach! I will get to teach guests of the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center about the awesome birds found on the central Oregon Coast! I’m really looking forward to this internship, as it combines my passions and allows me to brainstorm outreach and accessibility solutions in public education settings. This perfectly aligns with my career goals and I can’t wait to live and learn at the coast all summer! 

My favorite cartoon character is BMO from Adventure Time. I love them :-) My favorite comfort food is shaved ice. I am constantly eating it, even in the winter! 

Rylin Duster

My name is Rylin Duster, and I am a sophomore studying Environmental Science with an emphasis in Aquatic Biology and a minor in Biology. I moved to Oregon in the fall of 2022 as a transfer from Illinois, and have been loving my time here so far! I strongly look forward to spending my summer immersed in the Innovation Lab; specifically, I look forward to research pertaining to marine megafauna in relation to global change. I have already learned so much during the past few months at the iLab and cannot wait to broaden my understanding of research collaborations and machinery used to create research devices this summer!

My favorite cartoon character would have to be Clancy, from Midnight Gospel, my favorite comfort show. My favorite escape place is currently Fitton Green in Covallis, where my friends and I always go to catch the sunset or go on a hike. Lastly, my favorite comfort food is definitely a tofu poke bowl!

Angelina Lopez Peinado

Hey! My name is Angelina Lope Peinado, and I am a second-year student majoring in Oceanography as well as pursuing a GIS certificate. I enjoy spending time with my friends and doing fun activities outside of school! I love going on hikes, rock climbing, and doing fun little crafts! My internship with MSI is the Advancing Biogeochemical Instrumentation and Science with Sea-Bird Scientific! Over the summer, I will be focusing on relating phytoplankton chlorophyll concentrations, phytoplankton carbon concentrations, and cell size/volume to chlorophyll fluorescence. In doing so, I will be able to assess filtered algal cultures using chlorophyll fluorometers to understand the relationship between cellular carbon and chlorophyll concentration of algae. In this internship, I am looking forward to working with oceanographic instruments to analyze and make assessments of chlorophyll concentrations. I am also very excited to be working with algae! I hope to learn more about chlorophyll concentrations and their relationship with cellular carbon in phytoplankton. I hope to be able to apply the knowledge I gain from this experience, toward future research/projects!

My favorite cartoon character is Coraline from the movie Coraline. I also love the cat that joins her int he movie! My favorite "escape place" are aquariums, specifically the shark tunnels/tanks. I love the Oregon Coast Aquarium's shark tunnel and just watching the sharks swim. My favorite comfort food is Mexican food, especially a good taco.

Cole Brouillette

I am a junior Ecological Engineering student at OSU, originally from Denver, Colorado, I love most outdoor activities including biking, hiking and now surfing. I have always loved the water so being able to work on the ocean is frankly a dream come true. I have a deep desire to build a better future through more environmentally friendly engineering and aim to make a positive difference with every project I work on. My internship at HMSC this summer will be studying dynamic coastal revetment by developing a cobble monitoring system using various devices attached to local beach cobble under the guidance of Dr. Meagan Wengrove. This project aims to track how both Oregon's natural and built cobble beaches provide defense against coastal erosion, as well as determine what an optimal erosion combating beach is composed of.

I am looking forward to developing a new skillset in electrical work, as well as better understanding how coastal engineering impacts the ever-changing face of Oregon's coasts. I will be working with two styles of device transitions I have little experience with, including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), for this monitoring. I hope to learn more about what coastal engineering really entails and build the skills and connections required to participate in more coastal work going forward. Hatfield Marine Science Center is a melting pot of specializations and disciplines, and I hope to make the most of establishing connections on projects I would like to participate in, going forward.

I love Iron Man, no questions asked. I also personally love long drives and general time outside, whether it be just something relaxing like reading a book, or something exciting like surfing. Being outside is where I can best decompress. I absolutely LOVE breakfast, doesn't matter what kind of food or time, I will always be willing to eat some breakfast.

Logan Kerry

Hello! My name is Logan, and I’m an undergraduate at OSU pursuing a double degree in political science and geography with special interests in history and GIS.
Outside of school I’m an avid artist and enjoyer of the outdoors. Coming from Portland, I’ve enjoyed the accessibility of nature around Corvallis and enjoy walking to Avery Park or Bald Hill. 

This summer I will be interning for the MSI’s Science to Action project in Newport, OR. With the MidCoast Watersheds Council team I will be restoring habitat in the area and communicating the benefits of conservation with the public. The thing I’m most excited to learn about through this opportunity is getting the marketing and communication skills important to extending conservation and restoration projects to the public. Getting to participate in the work MidCoast Watersheds Council does will set me up for a future in water resources which is a pressing issue in Oregon and one I wish to help tackle. I look forward to creating more public engagement around water resources in my career. Getting to do this work along the beautiful Oregon coast is also a positive!

My favorite cartoon or comic book character is Rogue from X-men.
My favorite “escape place” is probably my sketchbook, a sunny spot of grass, or both!
My favorite comfort food (right now) is chickpea curry.

Christa Manetti

My name is Christa Manetti, and I am a third-year student at Oregon State majoring in Oceanography and minoring in Marine Conservation and Management. I am an Oregon native, and I love being outdoors, whether that’s going to the beach or playing tennis. This summer I will be an intern for the Animal Ambassador Program offered through the Marine Studies Initiative! As an intern, I will be working closely with the Oregon Coast Aquarium Education Department to support and deliver different types of educational programs. Another responsibility I will take on is collecting evaluation data to help refine the program's message delivery. Aside from living at the coast, I am most looking forward to connecting with the public as well as making new friends. I am hoping to gain experience in teaching as well as expand my knowledge in ocean science. As an aspiring science educator, I am confident that the skills I gain during this internship will benefit me in my future career. 

As for some of my favorites:  My favorite cartoon character is Rick from Rick and Morty, my favorite “escape place” is anywhere on the Oregon Coast, and my favorite comfort food would have to be nachos.


Baxter Millsap

My name is Baxter Millsap, but I usually go by Bax. I’m a senior here at OSU pursuing a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences. I’ve lived in Missouri for most of my life, but through the scholarship/internship I have been able to relocate to the Oregon coast to pursue my passion of marine biology.

After my first week I can definitely say that I am looking forward to learning so many different skills that I never thought I would learn during my time at OSU. I’m also super grateful and excited to meet so many amazing new people and learn from them! What you hope to learn from the Roundhouse internship and apply to the future I’d say I’m most excited to learn 3D design and printing and being able to build effective skills in media production. These skills will be invaluable as I move forward towards a future career and open so many doors.

So far my favorite place to destress and escape for a bit has been any and every beach I can find. I’ve been landlocked back home for a long time so I’m living the dream being minutes away from a variety of beautiful coastal escapes.

Being selected for this internship has taken me from an online learning environment to being able physically learn and experience a majority of the subjects I’ve learned about and will be learning about in the future. This opportunity and just being part of the OSU community has been my favorite part. The amount of resources I’ve been provided with during my time here has been incredibly motivational and reassured me anytime I’ve had doubts about my path.

As you can see from my picture, I am a huge fan of a delicious bowl of ramen noodles. If I could, I would probably eat them every day!

Cody Spring

I'm Cody, a dedicated student pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Oregon State University. With an interest in environmental challenges, I am eager to explore the intricate relationship between humans and the ocean. Through my studies, I aim to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.

During the internship, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the complex connections between human activities and the marine environment. I aspire to acquire practical skills in data analysis, research methodologies, and project development. Armed with these skills, I plan to drive positive change and promote sustainable practices in my future career.

When I need an escape, one of my favorite getaway places is the vibrant city of Vancouver, BC. It's the perfect blend of natural beauty and urban excitement. I love exploring the lush Stanley Park and immersing myself in the diverse food scene. Vancouver's proximity to breathtaking mountains and stunning beaches offers endless outdoor adventures, from skiing on Grouse Mountain to enjoying leisurely walks along the shore. Vancouver has a special place in my heart as a destination where I can relax, recharge, and experience the best of both city life and nature's wonders.

In terms of comfort food, there's nothing quite like a warm bowl of macaroni and cheese. Its cheesy goodness never fails to lift my spirits and provide the perfect comfort during long study sessions or chilly evenings.

When it comes to favorite cartoon or comic book characters, my top pick is Iron Man. There's something undeniably captivating about Tony Stark's genius intellect, charismatic personality, and his powerful suit of armor. Iron Man's ability to use technology to overcome challenges and fight for justice has always inspired me. His relentless determination, combined with his wit and charm, make him an iconic superhero. Whether it's his incredible inventions or his fearless acts of heroism, Iron Man continues to be a symbol of resilience and innovation.

I am grateful for this opportunity, and I look forward to making a positive impact in the world of marine studies.