From Sea to Shore

The Marine Studies Initiative envisions a future where marine issues are tackled from all angles, from the natural sciences and policy, to the humanities and arts. And at OSU, we have exceptional students and faculty who have embodied this mission in their own way.

Drew Taylor

Marine Studies: Ocean stewards of today and tomorrow-- Drew Taylor

Meet Drew Taylor, a Marine Biology major with a minor in Chemistry. Drew has been heavily involved in the Ocean11 marine club and is learning about ways to help solve problems where humans and the marine environment intersect.

Taylor Chapple

Marine Studies: Ocean stewards of today and tomorrow-- Taylor Chapple

Meet Taylor Chapple, a marine predator expert who has been tracking the behavior and movement of sharks for over 15 years. He joined OSU and the MSI in 2019 to look at how white, salmon, and thresher sharks affect the ecosystem off of the Oregon coast. Taylor is also committed to bridging the gap between society and science through outreach and education.

Ana Spalding

Marine Studies: Ocean stewards of today and tomorrow- Ana Spalding

Meet Ana K. Spalding, the first MSI faculty hire in the College of Liberal Arts and a coastal and marine public policy expert who spent years in her country of origin, Panama, looking at the impacts of socio-economic change and migration in the Caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro. She is essentially a marine social scientist, a new field where scientists are looking at the connection between human behavior, policy, and coastal and marine ecosystems.