‘Blue Heart,’ an exhibit of the Japanese folk art of fish rubbing, on display at Hatfield Marine Science Center

OSU Newsroom, October 25, 2021

Low-oxygen levels off coast a concern for fisheries

The Astorian, September 14, 2021

From Extraction to Sustainability: Oregon’s Southern Coast and the Emerging Blue Economy

The Daily Yonder, September 13, 2021 

Newly passed legislative bill funds actions to support Oregon fisheries, fishing industries, coastal communities in face of changing ocean conditions

Oregon Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, July 19, 2021

Roundhouse Foundation gift to support learning experiences in marine innovation and technology

OSU Newsroom, May 06, 2021

OSU’s Lubchenco joins White House to lead climate and environment initiatives

OSU Newsroom, March 25, 2021

OSU receives grant to inform aquaculture investment in Oregon

Oregon Sea Grant, January 27, 2021


2 Astoria men caught setting stolen crab traps in protected marine reserve

KTVZ News, September 21, 2020

OSU researcher joins ‘Ocean Nexus’ collaboration with UW to study equity in ocean governance

OSU Newsroom, July 10, 2020

Patented seaweed helps make the world a better place

Pamplin Media Group, July 04, 2020

Oceans should have a place in climate 'green new deal' policies, scientists suggest

Science Codex, May 05, 2020

Oregon State University To Develop Student Housing In Newport

OPB, Jan 13, 2010

Oregon State announces plan for student housing

Newport News Times, Jan 10, 2020

OSU announces plans for student housing in Newport

Corvallis Gazette Times, Jan 7, 2020

Oregon State announces plan to develop student housing in Newport

OSU Newsroom, Jan 7, 2020


Structural design to prepare for a wall of water

DJC Oregon, Nov 19, 2019.

OSU researchers to use $3.3 million NSF grant to study impacts of tiny plastics on aquatic life

OSU Newsroom, Nov 18, 2019.


KEZI News, Nov 15, 2019.

Plastic with your seafood? Same question goes for otters and orcas

Northwest News Network, Oct 1, 2019.

Ocean acidification and hypoxia plan outlines Oregon's commitment to addressing climate impacts

Phys Org, Sept 25, 2019.

Climate change and the ocean: What the latest UN report means for the Oregon coast

The Oregonian, Sep 25, 2019.

Oregon Pushes Action Plan As International Attention Shifts To Climate Impacts On Oceans

OPB, Sept 25, 2019.

OSU Officials Highlight Developing Facility's Disaster Readiness

KLCC, July 23, 2019.

Marine studies and tsunami safety

Newport News Times, July 23, 2019.

The Sounds of Science: Acoustic tags reveal Dungeness crab range – and some interesting visitors

OSU Newsroom, July 8, 2019. Affiliated faculty member Sarah Henkel interviewed.

Public art is topic of talk in Newport

Newport News Times, July 5, 2019. Discusses art for the new marine studies building at the OSU Hatfield Campus.

Bone Shuffle — New plans for blue whale skeleton

Newport News Times, April 25 2019. Discusses whale bone art to be showcased at the OSU Hatfield campus.

There's Microplastic Blowing in the Wind, Study Suggests

GIZMODO, April 4, 2019

Perils and solutions around microplastics explored

Newport News Times, Feb 28, 2019


Coastal Pacific Oxygen Levels Now Plummet Once A Year

NPR, Oct 28, 2018. Marine Studies Initiative Executive Director Jack Barth was interviewed for his knowledge on hypoxia. 

OSU researchers aim to scale up production of nutritious red seaweeds

Oregon Sea Grant, Oct 17, 2018

New Science Building to be tsunami fortress

Newport News Times, Oct 12, 2018

2018 one of the worst low-oxygen years for ocean off Oregon

KTVZ, Oct 3, 2018

Oregon Now has a hypoxia season, just like a wildfire season

OPB, Sept 17, 2018

New Tech Makes Scientific Data Cheaper And Easier To Secure 

OPB, Sept 17, 2018

Seafood/Fishing industry alerted scientists to acidification, hypoxia issues off Oregon

Oregon State University Newsroom, September 14, 2018

Take a gander at the earthquake-hardened building now under construction in newport

KNKX, Aug 24, 2018

Corvallis Arts Walk Spotlight: Tara Pierce

Corvallis Gazette-Times Aug 15, 2018. Tara Pierce was Hatfield Marine Science Center's artist-in-residence in 2018.

Building for the Big One: Coastal campus designed to withstand quake, tsunami

The Oregonian, July 26, 2018

Marine Studies Initiative Promotes Interdisciplinary studies

Daily Barometer, May 7, 2018

going up: marine studies building

The News Guard, March 13, 2018

Riding the research wave

The Oregonian, Feb 23, 2018

OSU boosting its newport campus with marine studies center

US News & World Reports, Feb 23, 2018

"An Ocean of Impact" art exhibit first of OSU150 Sea Grant Festival Events

Lebanon Express, Feb 1, 2018

With new building, Oregon State wants its Newport campus to come out of its shell

The Oregonian, Feb 2018

Maryann Bozza Obituary

Seward City news, Jan 9, 2018

OSU leads in Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles research

Daily Barometer, Jan 8, 2018



Oregon State gives first glimpse at $50 million Newport Expansion

Oregon Live, Nov 15, 2017

OSU unveils Marine Studies design

Corvallis Gazette-Times, Nov 15, 2017

New Marine Studies Center In Newport Will Be Oregon Coast’s First Vertical Evacuation Building

KLCC, Nov 15, 2017



Meeting Thursday on OSu marine studies building

Corvallis Gazette-Times, Nov 14, 2016

Oregon State will expand marine science program in Newprt Tsunami Zone

Oregon Live, Aug 5, 2016

Panel Debates Marine Studies Building

Corvallis Gazette-Times, March 31, 2016



Sea Change: Osu Building interdisciplinary marine studies program

Corvallis Gazette-Times, March 28, 2015

OSU defends plans for Hatfield research building in tsunami zone

Daily Barometer, Jan 6, 2015



MArine studies aims for global excellence

Daily Barometer, Dec 1, 2014