MSI Multimedia 

Marine Studies Initiative is committed to sharing and supporting multimedia that reflect the MSI Mission and Vision. 

Marine Studies Initiative Ocean Stewards

The Marine Studies Initiative envisions a future where marine issues are tackled from all angles, from the natural sciences and policy, to the humanities and arts. And at OSU, we have exceptional students and faculty who have embodied this mission in their own way. View all of the spotlight videos HERE

Oregon State Productions

Oregon State Productions (OSP) creates multimedia content university-wide including broadcast television footage, commercials, feature documentaries and web video. MSI has partnered with (OSP) to create content for web and social media covering various aspects of marine studies at OSU, from academic programming to research that reflects the MSI mission. With targeted media campaigns, we hope to engage the public and inspire prospective students to  explore the many opportunities that the MSI has to offer at the coast and across disciplines in the humanities and sciences.