Healthy Planet, People, and Economy

Through the Marine Studies Initiative, we are working with partners from Oregon State and beyond to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to the diverse interests across the state.  

Our goal: Increase societal impact from marine studies in Oregon and beyond.

Oregon State University is one of only two universities in the United States to have land, sea, space, and sun grant designations, which drive a collaborative and engaging approach to problem solving across a uniquely wide range of topics.

Through the Marine Studies Initiative, we are:

  • Designing and sustaining partnerships with government agencies, nonprofits, Native American tribes, universities, community colleges, businesses and communities to advance our teaching, learning, and research missions
  • Increasing access to education by building on Oregon State's education mission to better reach Oregon citizens from coastal and rural areas by building access to and relevancy of education programs
  • Engaging, communicating, and being responsive by expanding on Oregon State's outreach and engagement strengths, such as community-based Extension agents, to connect the Marine Studies Initiative with stakeholders and ensure the program is responsive and informative to needs and interests across the state, nationally, and internationally.

Division of University Outreach and Engagement 

  • Outreach and engagement connects Oregon State University, the state's land-grant university, to the rest of the world by making its educational programs accessible wherever and whenever people need to learn.


OSU Extension Service 


Oregon Sea Grant

  • Based at Oregon State University and serves the state, region and nation, it is a catalyst that promotes discovery, understanding and resilience for Oregon coastal communities and ecosystems.


Open Campus

  • Open campus is a community-based education partnership convened by Oregon State University that provides local access to learning in order to address the unique educational needs of Oregon’s communities. Open Campus compliments offerings available through Ecampus and Professional and Continuing Education, making learning from Oregon State possible almost anywhere.