4CAST Project

The 4CAST Project is observing and recording the whole, interrelated ecosystem at Cascade Head through activities in the Uplands/Forest, River/Estuary, Near-Shore/Rocky Intertidal, and Sub-Tidal/Oceanic habitats.

The 4CAST Project is a collection of projects and efforts that seek to better understand the way climate change is affecting our coastline and our community. In 2021, they established the Pheno-Cam Project, a Sea Star Monitoring Program, held two days of Art on the Beach, and launched the Wrack Line app.

Learn more about their current projects and ways you can contribute at 4CASTproject.org.


4CAST Project | Anthem

4CAST Project | Anthem


Coastal Climate Change + Community Art, Science & Tradition

"As a community of scientists, artists, and citizens we are concerned by the rapid destabilization of the climate here along our vibrant and diverse western shoreline.

We are responding by employing Art, Science, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge to observe and interpret 4 habitats across a “whole” coastal ecosystem, and in the process gaining insights and taking action.

We are using a variety of projects and media to communicate and engage with the citizens of the Northwest in order to build a robust community of volunteers to realize our vision."

4CAST and the Marine Studies Initiative

4CAST is a dynamic collaborative made up of state and federal agencies, institutions of higher learning, and NGO’s serving the environment and education. The Marine Studies Initiative is a founding partner and collaborates by sponsoring summer internships, hosting the Blue Heart exhibit in the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building on the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, and by supporting community science events. 4CAST will also provide internship and capstone opportunities for students in the OSU Marine Studies undergraduate degree program.

 Jeremy Schaffer- Citizen Science Intern, Summer 2021

Jeremy Schaffer Summer 2021 Internship Presentation


Jeremy Schaffer is a third-year student at OSU, majoring in Marine Studies with minors in Oceanography and History. He worked Summer 2021 in Citizen Science “4Cast Project: Coastal Climate Change + Community Art, Science and Tradition", with a focus on the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve. His work involved training and working with citizen science volunteers, developing data collection and monitoring protocols, conducting research on species and habitats, and more.

Poster: 4Cast Project: In the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve

Presentation: Jeremy Schaffer Summer 2021 Internship Presentation

Blue Heart: Beauty and Change Along America's Western Shoreline

Through collaboration between 4CAST and the Marine Studies Initiative, the Blue Heart exhibit is on display at the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building in Newport, OR for a year. The traditional Japanese folk art of Gyotaku, or fish rubbing, has been used by the renowned artists Dwight Hwang and Duncan Berry to create the 25 major pieces of art featured in this exhibit. They each bear emotive witness to the power and beauty of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the deep and lasting climate-driven changes that are occurring with increasing speed along our western shoreline.

Learn more about the exhibit HERE.

View press about the exhibit HERE