Our Mission

Create a healthy future for our ocean and the planet through transdisciplinary research and teaching that emphasizes  collaboration, experiential learning, engagement with society and problem solving.

A new model to address emerging issues and challenges facing Oregon and the globe.

The world's ocean belongs to everyone and its health is critical to our future. Marine habitats are facing new and daunting pressures that threaten their sustainability — from climate change to pollution to dwindling fish stocks.

Global challenges need global champions, and Oregon State University is responding to the challenge with our Marine Studies Initiative. Building on a deep history of nationally ranked programs, world-leading research, and premier facilities, we are pioneering new research and teaching model to help sustain healthy oceans and ensure wellness, environmental health, and economic prosperity for future generations. The Marine Studies Initiative is a university-wide commitment that will have local to global impacts on the economy and environment.

This 10-year initiative builds on Oregon State's leadership and nationally ranked programs.

Harnessing the collective expertise of faculty and staff from across campus, we are advancing practices and innovations that promote positive change for the university and the community it serves. We are weaving together the natural and social sciences with arts and humanities in an exceptional education, research, and outreach program to explore all facets of the marine environment and its dynamic connections to terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere, while positively impacting economic and social progress. Learn more from our Strategic Plan.

OSU at the Oregon coast

Oregon offers an unparalleled living-learning laboratory with diverse ecosystems, including a 300-mile coastline. Our centers of research on the Oregon Coast include: 

We are expanding and enhancing facilities to provide environments that encourage creative collaborations, leverage the university's strengths, and have meaningful impacts. This includes the construction of a new Marine Studies Initiative building at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Ocean Stewards of Today and Tomorrow- Katey Dong


Ocean Stewards of Today & Tomorrow- Katey Dong


Formerly a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, Katey Dong returned to her studies in pursuit of studying Earth Sciences after being awarded a full ride Air Force ROTC Scholarship. When she arrived to OSU, she discovered MSI, where she was able to share and learn leadership skills and foster long-lasting friendships. In the summer of 2020, she participated in the NASA Student Airborne Research Program, where she used remote sensing to study algal blooms. Upon conclusion of her studies and her service commitment, she hopes to continue research and seek further opportunities with NASA. 


Through its Marine Studies Initiative, Oregon State will be recognized as a global leader in 21st-century transdisciplinary education and research and lead the development of inclusive strategies for successful stewardship of our ocean and planet for today and tomorrow.

The Future of Food From the Sea- Webinar & Panel

Join us to learn about food from the sea, including wild fisheries, mariculture, and seafood products. As global food demand rises, how much food can we expect the ocean to sustainably produce by 2050?

Featuring short presentations and a panel discussion, followed by audience Q&A. Learn more about this event HERE! 


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