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Academic departments across the university deliver exceptional marine studies undergraduate degrees, courses, and programs to support your personal and academic growth. 

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Oregon stands out for its mixture of unparalleled access to the beach and ocean and the natural beauty of its coastline. It is a source of inspiration, reflection, and repose. In this setting, we are poised to create solutions to sustain the diverse ecosystems, communities and economies at the confluence of the continent and sea.

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As a part of the Marine Studies degree, you’ll have access to some of the best faculty on the West Coast, undergraduate research opportunities, world-class facilities such as the Hatfield Marine Science Center, and an inclusive and innovative culture.

We offer a range of programs and degrees in the earth and life sciences, liberal arts, and humanities to fit your academic interests and goals. Oregon State faculty are here to help you succeed.

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MSI Academic Development Goal

Through the Marine Studies Initiative, we are developing transformational educational experiences centered on marine studies.

We are creating a transdisciplinary environment that expands innovative marine education and training opportunities for students, professionals, and lifelong learners. This includes establishing a university-wide marine studies degree program, expanding collaborations with our educational partners and engaging students in seeking globally relevant solutions. 


  • BUILD COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS: Design transdisciplinary educational core programs (courses, options and certificates) that foster student success and lifelong learning, engage a diverse student body, teach ethics and promote marine literacy at all levels within Oregon State University and across the state. These programs will prepare all types of students for leadership and the workforce.
  • CREATE A NEW MARINE STUDIES DEGREE: Create a transdisicplinary marine studies undergraduate major and minor that focus on the human dimensions of marine systems. These liberal arts degrees will emphasize the social, political, and cultural issues of the coasts and oceans, built on a meaningful understanding of marine natural science.
  • LAUNCH INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES: Expand experiential learning opportunities at Oregon State's main campus in Corvallis, the Hatfield Marine Science Center and other coastal and ocean locations in collaboration with academic, government, nonprofit, Native American tribal and industry partners. Teaching and learning will focus on seeking solutions to ocean-related societal challenges.