The Wind Moves Us

The Oregon coast is among the windiest in the world. Harnessing that wind is a part of life. The Wind Moves Us is a series of visual testimonials from people who help us understand the tremendous opportunity afforded to us by this free, reliable, and invisible life-force.

The wind is often a messenger

The Wind Moves Us - The Wind is Often a Messenger

Moe Bowstern is a writer, gallery artist, and puppeteer who lives in Portland, Oregon. Moe performs annually at the Astoria, Oregon Fisher Poets Gathering.

the wind is a switching pattern

The Wind Moves Us - The Wind is a Switching Pattern

Jack Barth is a physical oceanographer who has spent his career researching coastal ocean circulation. Jack is the Executive Director of Oregon State University’s Marine Studies Initiative.

The wind can be a friend

The Wind Moves Us - The Wind Can Be a Friend

Josh Norris is the Adventure Leadership Institute director at Oregon State University. Josh goes paragliding at various spots on the Oregon coast any chance he gets, from 7-13 knot winds

The wind is energy transformation

The Wind Moves Us - The Wind is Energy Transformation

Shannon Souza is the co-founder of Oregon Coast Energy Alliance Network and the Policy Director at Pacific Ocean Energy Trust. Shannon is committed to advancing sustainable practices on the Oregon coast.