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The Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) office is pleased to offer a variety of summer internships every year, focusing on interdisciplinary topics of the ocean and coasts. View our 2022 Summer Internships below. Click HERE for current internships.

Citizen Arts and Sciences

Location: Cascade Head near Lincoln City, OR

Intern will work closely with the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve team, assisting in the day-to-day organization and implementation of this multi-stakeholder project. The project will involve both remote and field work and the initial engagement with, and training of, a “core cadre” of local citizen scientists and artists who will form the future project trainers and coordinators interfacing with the public. All serves the overarching goal of identifying and measuring the thermal impacts of climate change on inter-related habitats within the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve.

Seafood Industry Relationships and Marketing

Location: Newport, OR

Intern will experience and gain an understanding of the seafood restaurant industry relationships by working with Local Ocean Seafoods Dockside Grill & Fish Market’s marketing team. Student will create messaging and promotions around one or more core company values of seafood consumption and personal health, seafood sustainability, ocean health, and connection with local fishermen. The project will include analysis and evaluation of campaign effectiveness at engaging customers, particularly in Local Ocean’s e-commerce and direct to consumer market channels.


Coastal Bird Stewardship and Outreach

Location: Newport to Florence, OR

Intern will assist with the Coastal Bird Stewardship Outreach Project along the central coast (Newport to Florence) by cultivating visitor stewardship of coastal seabirds and shorebirds—primarily the Marbled Murrelet--by increasing visitor understanding of their role in sensitive seabird and shorebird conservation at Siuslaw National Forest and Oregon State Park areas on the Oregon Central Coast. Activities include developing, producing and delivering interpretive messages at recreation areas and social media, collaborating with state and federal interpretive and field rangers in developing and delivering program content.

Marine Reserve Interpretation and Science Communication

Location:  Port Orford, OR

Intern will learn about and experience the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Area, and communicate ecological and cultural aspects of the Marine Reserve and MPA to the public and visitors to Port Orford. The intern will also recruit volunteers for community science programs with partner agencies such as CoastWatch, COASST, and the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, with opportunities to participate in field research and monitoring activities.

Ocean Acidification Awareness and Messaging

Location: Newport, OR

Intern will work with the Oregon Coast Aquarium Education and Exhibits departments to create ocean acidification messages. Project includes gathering data on guests’ knowledge, values and behaviors related to ocean acidification, imbedding the messages into an interpretive program, and evaluating the impact on guests.

Advancing Biogeochemical Instrumentation and Science

Location: Newport to Florence, OR

This internship offers the opportunity to explore how academia and industry can work together to advance the understanding and monitoring of the ocean. Specifically, the intern will work with Sea-Bird Scientific (a leader in oceanographic instrumentation) on a project related to the design, testing, calibration, and/or validation of bio-optical oceanographic instrumentation used to sense ocean biogeochemical variables such as chlorophyll fluorescence, oxygen, pH, nutrients, particulate organic carbon, and/or colored dissolved organic matter. 

Big Blue Film Festival Development

Location: Newport, OR

Intern will assist the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Marine Studies Initiative, and Oregon State Productions in developing the programming and operation of the ocean and coastal-themed Big Blue Film Festival in Newport. They will help with developing a festival business plan, a festival program, a volunteer strategy, a film submission process, a marketing plan, and guidelines for film and speaker programming, as well as recruit sponsors and partners.


The 2022 summer internship program was supported by the Marine Studies Initiative and contributions from Local Ocean Seafoods and Sea-Bird Scientific. Additional sponsors provided internship-specific field housing, stipend, and travel assistance: Duncan Berry on behalf of CHBC, US Forest Service Siuslaw National Forest, Redfish Rocks Community Team, Hatfield Marine Science Center, and Oregon’s Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Coordinating Council.

MSI Summer 2022 Internships

The Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) office is pleased to offer Summer 2022 internships focused on interdisciplinary topics of the ocean and coasts.  Summer 2022 internship project options include ones focused on citizen science in the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve, coastal tourism, the seafood industry, public engagement via video and social media creation, ocean acidification awareness, marine reserve interpretation, and the seafood business and industry.  Internship locations include Newport, Cascade Head near Lincoln City, Portland, and Port Orford, Oregon. Internships will be in-person experiences with some remote work. View our 2022 Internships below.

Spring-Summer-Fall Internships:

These begin mid-to-late Spring 2022, extend through Summer, and might extend longer through Fall 2022, Winter 2023, or Spring 2023. Approximately 8-10 hours/week in Spring and Fall terms. The Summer 2022 internship period is 40 hours/week.

·Big Blue Film Festival Development - Corvallis and Newport in summer

·Advancing Biogeochemical Instrumentation and Science - Corvallis and Newport in summer

Application & More Information:

Locations – Newport, OR / Port Orford, OR / Cascade Head, OR / Corvallis, OR

Housing - Summer group housing is provided. We anticipate a meal plan will be included and/or requires with houseing at hatfiels Marine Science Center in Newport. Group housing at Port Orford and Cascade Head is located in low populated, more seculed areas - e.q., small town or within the Coast Range.

Hours  – Summer Internships are 40-hours per week commitment. Within or in addition to this commitment, interns are expected to perform work to fulfill scholarly expectations such as project plan writing, poster creation, and presentation prep and delivery.

Compensation - Interns will receive compensation as an Oregon State University hourly student worker. Total salary depends on internship location and housing arrangement. Summer salary range is $4,800 - $6,240 for a full-time, 10-week period internship commitment. The hourly salary rate for the Spring-Summer-Fall Internships is $12-$15.60/hour.

Eligibility - Open to all currently enrolled OSU students and Oregon Community College students (OSU dual enrollment program or degree partnership program preferred). In summer, you cannot be enrolled in more than 5 credits of summer classes. Seniors must be enrolled as an OSU student in Summer 2022 to be eligible. All job offers are contingent upon Human Resources' final approval.

All interns are expected to write a project proposal, create a poster, and present their project at both the Coastal internship symposium and a public meeting or conference after the internship, all under the guidance of a mentor. Interns will also be required to participate in group check-ins, field trips, seminars, professional development and other group activities.

Some positions require driving a University, agency or personal vehicle, thus intern must possess and maintain a current valid driver’s license in their state of residence to be eligible for use of University vehicles. Additional requirements may apply, if incumbent chooses to use personal vehicle or a rented or leased vehicle.

All applications due: Midnight on March 21, 2022 - Application HERE

For more information contact: Academic Advisor, Cynthia Leonard - [email protected]