Coastal Housing Awards

Because of generous donor support, Coastal Housing Awards are available for students who are seeking field housing at the coast and in need of financial assistance. These awards are for students studying at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Spring, Summer and/or Fall 2024.

ELIGIBILITY -- All must be true:

· Undergraduate or graduate student

· Enrolled in OSU courses at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Spring, Summer and/or Fall 2024

· Financial need is considered

· Will be in residence at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Spring, Summer and/or Fall 2024

· Studies at Hatfield further the student’s marine-related academic pursuits and experiences

· Limited to Hatfield Marine Science Center field housing costs only


· Up to $400 per award

· Multiple awards are available · Awards will be distributed into the student's OSU account after Hatfield Marine Science Center Housing is confirmed.

· If applying for more than one term, submit a separate application for each term.

Spring 2024

· Application opens Monday, February 12

· Closes Monday, March 4

· To be used for Spring 2024

Summer 2024

· Application opens Monday, April 15

· Closes Wednesday, May 15

· To be used for Summer 2024

Fall 2024

· Application opens Thursday, June 6

· Closes TBA

· To be used for Fall 2024


1. Application answers are well thought out and clearly written.

2. What Spring, Summer or Fall 2024 OSU courses are you taking to study at Hatfield Marine Science Center? Give course numbers (e.g., FW 302, FW 350, OC 301).

3. How do your studies at Hatfield Marine Science Center further your academic pursuits? (<300 words)

4. Describe your financial need related to why you need field housing assistance.

5. What is your requested award amount? Please use the published HMSC Housing Rates to calculate your request.

Note: The actual amount awarded may depend on the number of qualified applicants so we may fund as many students as possible.

Application Details 

Eligibility: Must be a current OSU undergraduate student at the time of the funds being awarded

MACO/MSI Coastal Field Housing Awards Application: Apply on ScholarDollars by searching, “MSI-MACO Coastal Housing Award". 


Contact Cynthia Leonard, MACO/MSI Academic Advisor at [email protected]