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MSI offers scholarships, awards, and internships for undergraduate students. Check back often for upcoming opportunities.

Coastal Field Housing Awards

Because of generous donor support, Coastal Housing Awards are available for students who are seeking field housing at the coast and in need of financial assistance. These awards are for students studying at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Spring, Summer and/or Fall 2024.


·Up to $400 per award

· Multiple awards are available · Awards will be distributed into the student's OSU account after Hatfield Marine Science Center Housing is confirmed.

· If applying for more than one term, submit a separate application for each term.

Learn more about this award and how to apply HERE.

2024 Marine Studies Initiative Student Awards

The Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) / Marine and Coastal Opportunities (MACO) is pleased to announce new MSI / MACO Student Awards. These awards recognize and reward OSU undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding scholarship and pursuits consistent with the transdisciplinary, collaborative, experiential learning and outreach vision and mission of MSI / MACO. 

MSI / MACO Student Awards will be up to $500 per award. Multiple awards are available. These MSI / MACO Awards may be used to further the student’s marine-related academic pursuits and experiences. Awards can cover expenses related to a student's undergraduate transdiciplinary endeavors, such as:

  • Specific travel costs (to professional meetings, research experiences/courses, internships, other experiential experiences directly related to academic pursuits; this may include cost of airfare, mileage reimbursements, and field housing)
  • Book and supplies purchases 
  • Memberships to online academic software

Learn more about this award and how to apply HERE.

Coastal Travel Assistance

The instruction, research, and internship opportunities available at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon make it an excellent place to pursue the study of coastal and ocean environments and  communities. The Marine Studies Initiative supports these learning experiences by supporting travel to the coast for classes, field trips, lectures, events, and other degree-related purposes.

Learn more about MSI travel funding HERE

Maryann Bozza Scholarship {Closed}

In December 2017, the Marine Studies Initiative mourned the passing of Maryann Bozza. Maryann was a core member of the MSI Leadership team. She is greatly missed. She joined Oregon State University in 2010 in the position of Program Manager at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Purpose: To honor Maryann Bozza’s spirit of collaboration, communication, and passion for providing nontraditional students access to careers in Marine Studies.

Amount: $2,500

Support Areas: Opportunities for students seeking hands-on marine studies experiences at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center

Duration: One calendar year: July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024

Deadline: 2024 [CLOSED]

Learn more about this scholarship HERE. Apply for this scholarship HERE