Access to the sea

OSU provides access to the sea with a fleet of large research vessels, support and training for small boat safety and scientific diving, and seawater systems. Enhanced and expanded facilities at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport and additional small boat and diving facilities are available in Port Orford. 


The College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences operates research vessels out of the Ship Operations facility located at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. CEOAS is also the lead institution in the design and construction of the next Regional Class Research Vessel.

Small Boat Safety

The OSU Small Boat Safety Program works with faculty, staff, students, and approved volunteers using small motorized or non-motorized boats as part of their field research, providing the support needed to operate safely. These vessel types can include small motorboats, personal watercraft, sailboats, kayaks, drift/row boats, canoes, and various types of rafts. If you need to operate a small craft for OSU research, review small boat safety information online and contact the Program's office. 

Scientific Diving

Training is available to students and employees through the OSU Graduate School. We also provide project planning services, equipment support and basic safety training. OSU scientific diving operations are conducted in accordance with the American Academy of Underwater Sciences. Any university employee or person(s) conducting scientific diving under the auspices of OSU must meet OSU standards and policies and have their diving approved by the OSU Diving Control Board. To find out more, review the scientific diving program online and contact the Program's office. 


Seawater Systems

Among the main attractions for students and researchers working at the Hatfield Marine Science Center are laboratories with ample supplies of high-quality seawater for teaching, experiments, and research. Many scientists use the extensive seawater system to conduct research on species that occupy the environment offshore, benefiting from the comfort and control provided by a laboratory on land. The seawater system has been an ongoing collaboratively partnered project by all the different agencies located at Hatfield. For more information, visit Hatfield's seawater systems webpage.