Forage Fish Workshop: Connecting the Land and Sea

We thank the participants who attended and helped host this workshop on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center in Newport, Oregon.

Final Report HERE

Why a workshop?

The purpose of the Forage Fish: Connecting the Land and Sea workshop is to collaborate with scientists and managers in evaluating the interconnected relationship between the nearshore marine-environment, particularly forage fish communities, and the upper trophic predators that depend upon them, especially seabirds. The goal of this free workshop is to bring together scientists and managers for outlining collaborative research, as well as to include potential funding entities that may have an interest in supporting this work.

During the workshop, we will formulate a research strategy for both the short-and long-term to link studies of nearshore ocean conditions with recent and ongoing research projects. Tangible outcomes from the workshop may include a research proposal or a paper summarizing the present state of knowledge, and a research agenda outlining next steps.

Registration Deadline: September 20, 2019

General Agenda: 8:30 am doors open, 12-1:00 pm lunch, 4:30 pm adjourn  

Accommodation requests can made by phone at 541-737-2780 or using the "contact us" option on the main menu.

Financial assistance

Limited financial assistance is available for travel. Apply HERE.

Deadline to apply: October 6, 2019 

This workshop was co-led by the Marine Studies Initiative and the College of Forestry.

On the Wing Marbled Murrelets by Rachael Vega

On the Wing Marbled Murrelets by Rachael Vega

The Marine Studies Initiative and Oregon State Productions announce their latest collaboration, On the Wing. This short video combines essay “On the Wing Marbled Murrelets” by Rachael Vega with stunning imagery of OSU researchers tracking the nests and foraging habits of elusive Marbled Murrelets.

There will be a screening of On the Wing during the workshop followed by a short Q&A section with Oregon State Productions and Oregon State senior English major Rachel Vega.

Oregon Marbled Murrelet Project

Oregon Marbled Murrelet Project

The marbled murrelet — a small seabird native to the North Pacific — is a flagship species for healthy ecosystems. Murrelets are listed as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act in Oregon, Washington and California, yet little is known about the nesting habits of this curious, short-beaked seabird in Oregon. Enter a world-class research team from Oregon State University.

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Location: Pacific Maritime Heritage Center

"The Pacific Maritime Heritage Center is a major museum and interactive center that incorporates the working wharf, educational programs, and local maritime uses. The center features maritime-related exhibits and art. It has been designed to attract, educate, and entertain all ages, instilling in local residents and visitors a sense of place and community, a place they will want to visit again and again."

The Pacific Maritime Heritage Center is located @ 333 SE Bay Blvd. Newport, OR 97365

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