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The Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) office is pleased to offer a variety of Summer 2021 internships focused on interdisciplinary topics of the ocean and coasts. View the interns below!

Emily Morrow

I was born in the Bay Area of California but was raised in N. Idaho and spent most of my time either reading, or swimming in Lake Coeur d' Alene. When I left an unfinished degree at the University of Idaho to move to Oregon, I had a brief career in property-casualty insurance before realizing that I craved finishing my education and would never be happy reading contracts for the rest of my life. When I'm not studying, I enjoy reading, biking (touring, brevet/endurance), quilting, knitting, baking, crewing or directing community theatre, and bestowing an excess of affection upon my two cats. This summer I will be an intern doing Ocean Acidification Awareness at the Oregon Coast Aquarium! Writing is my strong suit. While I would certainly never turn down an opportunity to do field research, I think I might best serve the scientific community by better understanding effective methods of communicating vital information about climate change to the general public.

The Far Side is the best. I adore cows and it's a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation, but we share a sense of humor. My favorite comfort food is homemade tostadas! It's impossible for me to eat something so colorful, messy, and tasty and not feel happy.

Sophia Dziak

My name is Sophie Dziak, and I am a Junior at Oregon State University, currently studying Design and Innovation Management. I am originally from Newport, Oregon where I was born and raised. In my spare time I like to be outdoors, hiking, camping or just enjoying time with my friends. I also love to paint and practice the piano when the weather isn't as nice. This summer I will be interning with Local Ocean Seafood and Grill, located in Newport, as their Seafood Sustainability Values intern. What I am most excited about with this opportunity is to be back in my hometown working with the most iconic restaurants in the area, and getting to see the process that goes into creating a sustainable seafood hot spot. I hope to be able to take away from this experience the work ethic and creative mindset that you need to have when creating the beautiful campaigns that Local Ocean produces. My favorite cartoon character is Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. I love his positivity and his love for his friends. My favorite escape place is anywhere near the ocean, but if i'm being more specific, the End of the World located on your way to Depoe Bay is my favorite look out spot. I have a lot of favorite comfort foods but I think my favorite is a Big Mac meal from McDonalds.

Chloe Lee

My name is Chloe Lee, and I am a 3rd year honor's student at Oregon State University, currently studying Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and minoring in Chemistry and Computer Science. In my spare time, I love to embark on adventures such as hanging out with friends, outdoor activities, hiking, eating, cooking, camping, amongst some mundane activities like listening to music and drawing. My favorite season is winter, due to the fact that I love being cozy in the vicinity of my house, sipping a cup of hot chocolate while reading a book or watching a movie. This summer, I will be interning with the Marine Science Initiative and Aquaculture staff remotely as their Media and Communications Technician Intern.   have many, many favorite cartoon characters including Shego from Kim Possible and Toph and Zuko from The Last Airbender. My favorite escape place is where I am in a place where I can see both the mountains and the ocean at the same time. I have a lot of comfort foods, but nothing beats a $3-$5 cup noodle ramen on a cold day. 

Jeremy Schaffer

My name is Jeremy Schaffer and I am finishing up my second year at OSU, majoring in Marine Studies with minors in Oceanography and History. I especially love adventure, sea kayaking, trips to the beach with my family, and of course learning about the ocean. This summer I am excited to work in Citizen Science with, “4Cast Project: Coastal Climate Change + Community Art, Science and Tradition”. I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things and hope to do both during this internship. I hope to broaden my possibilities by gaining public speaking, organizational and leadership experience.

My favorite comfort foods are the many desserts my younger sister makes and my favorite escape place is reading a good book while relaxing in a hot bath. I would say my favorite comic book character is probably “Red” from the old Pokemon graphic novels.

Maddie English

I am a senior majoring in environmental science with an option in aquatic biology, and minoring in marine conservation and management. I’m originally from California and enjoy traveling, scuba diving, and backpacking. I will be interning in Port Orford, where I will be studying and communicating the ecological and cultural benefits of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve. I am looking forward to living on the coast and learning more about the human dimensions side of the marine reserve. I am hoping to gain a broader perspective of how communities use marine resources and enhance my data analysis and scientific communication skills.

My favorite comic book character is Batman. My favorite "escape place" is Camano Island in the Puget Sound. My favorite comfort food is homemade pizza. 

Drake Gross

Hello! My name is Drake and I am currently going into my senior year at OSU and majoring in marine biology. I will be a part of the coastal tourism internship with MSI. I am really looking forward to creating projects to share with tourists and living on the beautiful Oregon coast. I hope to learn both technological and interpersonal skills from this internship, as well as communicating my ideas and passions to the public. My favorite comic book character is Silver Surfer and my favorite comfort food is grilled cheese and tomato soup. My favorite "escape place" is either the forest or the beach.

Media and Public Engagement

Location:  Cascade Head near Lincoln City, OR

Assist with video and social media efforts associated with the Coastal Climate Change and Community Science project, in order to achieve the twin goals of relentless project transparency, and engagement with project partners, core group of trained volunteers and the general public. Work could entail assisting videographer in creating posts and/or documentary shorts, writing scripts, interviewing, identifying and developing social media channels, creating social media materials, and more.

Ocean Acidification Awareness

Location:  Newport, OR

Intern will work with the Oregon Coast Aquarium Education and Exhibits departments to conduct research on visitor awareness about ocean acidification. Guided by a social marketing framework and will create research tools to gather data on visitors’ knowledge, values, and behaviors related to ocean acidification. Additionally, the intern will work with the Education and Exhibits staff to test ocean acidification messaging as well as shadow and conduct various programming.

Marine Reserve Interpretation

Location:  Port Orford, OR

Intern will do a combination of volunteer coordinator and interpretive ranger work. The internship goal is to learn about and experience the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Area (MPA) and communicate ecological and cultural aspects of the Marine Reserve and MPA to the public and visitors to Port Orford. In addition to gaining confidence in public speaking skills, the intern will gain experience in data collection and analysis, science communication, and learn about the ecological and cultural aspects of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve.

Citizen Science in Cascade Head Biosphere

Location:  Cascade Head near Lincoln City, OR

Intern will assist the habitat leaders within the Coastal Climate Change and Community Science project, located on the sentinel site Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve at the north end of Lincoln County. Their work will entail helping citizen scientists, volunteer training, technology, and collection/monitoring protocols, research on species and habitats, identifying connections between habitat species, and more.

Coastal Tourism

Location:  Cascade Head near Lincoln City, OR

Intern will focus on the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area and the Interpretive Wayside. The work entails partnering with the Access and Trails Collaboration to develop a video and artistic project to tell the story about Cascade Head Scenic Research Area. This project will address the need for high recreational use, online messaging on Salmon River estuary restoration, and the UNESCO Biosphere and Marine reserve designations within Cascade Head.



Seafood Business and Industry

Location:  Newport or Portland, OR

Intern will experience and gain an understanding of the seafood restaurant industry relationships by working with Local Oceans Seafood Dockside Grill & Fish Market’s marketing team. They will create messaging and promotions around one or more core company values of seafood consumption and personal health, seafood sustainability, ocean health, and connection with local fishermen. The project will include analysis and evaluation of campaign effectiveness at engaging customers, particularly in Local Ocean’s e-commerce and direct to consumer market channels.

MSI Summer 2021 Internships

The Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) office is pleased to offer Summer 2021 internships focused on interdisciplinary topics of the ocean and coasts.  Summer 2021 internship projects are still being finalized but options may include ones focused on citizen science in the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve, coastal tourism, the seafood industry, public engagement via video and social media creation, ocean acidification awareness, marine reserve interpretation, and the seafood business and industry.  Internship locations are being finalized and may include Newport, Cascade Head near Lincoln City, Portland, and Port Orford, Oregon.  We anticipate offering up to six 30 or 40-hour/week internships, pending available funds. Internships will be in-person experiences with some remote work.

Internship Dates – Up to 10 weeks in length starting around June 14, 2021. Start and end dates may vary depending on the internship.

Locations – Newport, OR / Port Orford, OR / Cascade Head, OR / Portland, OR

Housing - Group housing provided

Hours  – Internships range from a 30- to 40-hours per week commitment. Within or in addition to this commitment, interns are expected to perform work to fulfill scholarly expectations such as proposal writing, poster creation, and presentation prep and delivery.

Compensation - Interns will receive compensation as an Oregon State University hourly student worker. Total salary will not exceed $6,240 for a full-time, 10-week period internship commitment.

All interns are expected to write a project proposal, create a poster, and present their project at both the MSI internship symposium and a public meeting or conference after the internship, all under the guidance of a mentor. Interns will also be required to participate in group check-ins, field trips, seminars, professional development and other group activities.

Eligibility - Open to all currently enrolled OSU students and Oregon Community College students (OSU dual enrollment program or degree partnership program preferred). You cannot be enrolled in more than 5 credits of summer classes. Seniors must be enrolled as an OSU student in Summer 2021 to be eligible. All job offers are contingent upon Human Resources' final approval.

The position requires driving a University or personal vehicle; thus intern must possess and maintain a current valid driver’s license in their state of residence.

All applications due: midnight on February 28, 2021

Interns selected end of March

For more information contact: Academic Advisor, Cynthia Leonard