Marine Studies Education goes Beyond the Classroom 

Our marine studies programs immerse you in learning about issues facing the coasts and oceans, and the people and communities connected to them.

Through coursework, experiential education, and student support, you'll gain experiences to prepare you for leadership, continued education, and the workforce.

How do I fit in to the Marine Studies Initiative?

MSI strives to connect students to all marine related opportunities through OSU and beyond- be that the right marine related major or minor, research opportunities, internships, clubs, and extracurricular. We are also in the final stages of creating a Marine Studies major which will be available in 2020- a major that aims to focus on the human connections to the ocean.

Who should you contact to learn more?

You can always send an email to the MSI Academic Advisor,

 Cynthia Leonard

or Hatfield's Academic Programs Manager

Itchung Cheung

Experience the coast this fall

Why study at Hatfield Marine Science Center? 
  • Live at the coast while taking a full course load.
  • Experience diverse coastal habitats in a small, hands-on experimental courses.
  • Fulfill your program requirements in a new way- “study abroad” style experience without leaving the state!
  • Combine courses to gain knowledge and experience.
  • Courses provide opportunities to explore coastal ecology, marine fish and mammals, natural resource conservation and management, and education.

Marine clubs and extracurricular organizations

Photo taken at OCEAN11 beach clean-up.