The Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Bachelor of Science degree focuses on conservation science, vertebrate biology and ecology, sustainable use, and management of fish and wildlife and their terrestrial, aquatic and marine habitats. Fisheries and Wildlife has faculty conducting research on a wide range of marine vertebrates including fishes, whales, dolphins, birds, pinnipeds, and turtles in both the nearshore and pelagic zones of oceans throughout the world. Students learn to make decisions on how to conserve biodiversity, restore ecological systems, and maintain the sustainability of fish and wildlife populations using fundamental ecological principles while also considering social perspectives that influence decision making.  The degree includes an emphasis on professional development and experiential learning in conservation science. Students can specialize in coastal systems for their primary program of study or take our Marine Conservation minor. We have faculty in Corvallis and at the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) and OSU’s Marine Mammal Institute at HMSC. For more information, visit the department’s web site.