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Marine Studies Initiative is committed to share and support various print and video topics that reflect the MSI mission: Create a healthy future for our ocean and the planet through transdisciplinary research and teaching that emphasizes  collaboration, experiential learning, engagement with society and problem solving. 

Hot off the press. Marine related news 

Climate change and the ocean: What the latest UN report means for the Oregon coast

On Wednesday, the United Nations released an alarming report on global climate change, specifically how the build up of greenhouse gases is impacting the world’s oceans and ice. Much of the warmth trapped in Earth’s atmosphere by human-made carbon dioxide has been absorbed by the oceans and the impacts have been stark...

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Oregon State Productions

Oregon State Productions (OSP) creates multimedia content university-wide including broadcast television footage, commercials, feature documentaries and web video. MSI has partnered with (OSP) to create content for web and social media covering various aspects of marine studies at OSU, from academic programming to research that reflects the MSI mission. With targeted media campaigns, we hope to engage the public and inspire prospective students to  explore the many opportunities that the MSI has to offer at the coast and across disciplines in the humanities and sciences.

On the Wing

The Marine Studies Initiative and Oregon State Productions announce their latest collaboration, On the Wing. This short video combines essay “On the Wing Marbled Murrelets” by Rachael Vega with stunning imagery of OSU researchers tracking the nests and foraging habits of elusive Marbled Murrelets.   

First Aid at Sea

The Fishermen-Led Injury Prevention Program (FLIPP) is an innovative research project that involves commercial fishermen, researchers, extension agents, and coastal community members to better understand injuries at sea. The project is lead by the OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences and Oregon Sea Grant... (cont on youtube)

Heceta Bank: Oregon's hidden wonder

Featuring Marine Studies Initiative Executive Director Jack Barth

Hidden below the surface, 35 miles offshore from Cape Perpetua, there is a submerged feature that has a huge impact on Oregon's coastal habitats. This is the story of one of the least known but most important natural features on the West Coast.