Morgan Kollen

Undergraduate Student



In Summer term 2017, Morgan Kollen, a photography student at Oregon State University, took Photographic Field Studies course at Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC). Kollen viewed this course as an opportunity to combine science and art together, and, in her words, “(try) to close the gap between the two subjects.”


“I talked to Cinnamon (Research Facility Coordinator at HMSC) about using a tank here. There were lots of steps involved in setting up the lighting, getting a model, filling the water tank, getting netting. It was definitely high-stress making sure everything was set before the shoot.” Kollen’s final project was a photo shoot combining aspects of traditional photography and research at HMSC.


“A lot of people did a lot of work with pollution, or had a big message behind their art. Mine was more focused on making art and science come together. She is in a tank they use for research, she is in a setting where they do lab studies, just using fisherman’s net and putting my own spin on it.”

Kollen believes that if you “come in with an open mind, you can take it anywhere. Any idea that comes to you, pursue it.”