Marine Studies Major now available!

Marine Studies Undergraduate Degree 

The Marine Studies (MAST) Degree is hosted in the College of Liberal Arts, and has focus on the social, political, and cultural issues of coasts and oceans in the context of a meaningful understanding of marine natural science. Students can choose to receive a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

Why Choose Marine Studies?

Majors in Marine Studies will explore diverse, exciting subject matter as it relates to tracks of specialization depending on individual interests and goals with broad emphasis on critical thinking, social and scientific awareness, and communication skills. 

Some elements of the degree:

  • Students develop broad-based knowledge and skills in the social and natural sciences and the arts and humanities.
  • Graduates are prepared for employment through the extension and refinement of core knowledge into a specific area of specialization.
  • All graduates will be literate in the ocean's biology and ecology as well as the interconnections of the ocean, coast, and humans.
  • New curricula
    • Faculty from colleges across campus are involved in collaborations and cross-curricular courses that encompass social, political, artistic, and literary components in an experiential learning framework.
    • Issues of the coasts and ocean will be explored in ways that bring hands-on learning experiences to students.
    • Courses focus on independent and group problem-solving regarding a range of locally and globally relevant coastal-marine matters, such as policy, community, and sustainability.
    • Some courses will be available online for those students needing additional flexibility in their educational planning.
  • Living and learning at the coast
    • Students will have options for learning-in-residence at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and other coastal locations.

Questions about this degree?

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