Harnessing people's fascination with the sea

Academic departments across OSU deliver exceptional marine studies undergraduate degrees, courses, and programs to support your personal and academic growth. Our different degree programs allow you to focus on coastal and ocean issues and prepare you for a fulfilling career.

You can access hands-on research and learning in a range of coastal environments at the Hatfield Marine Science Center located in Newport along the central Oregon coast and the Port Orford Field Station on the southern Oregon coast. 

The Hatfield Marine Science Center campus is also home to a number of federal and state agency partners, where you can learn alongside natural resource professionals. As part of the Marine Studies Initiative, a new state-of-the-art Marine Studies Building will be ready for faculty and students in 2020.

Marine Studies Major 

NEW! Undergraduate Major

Are you interested in pursuing studies about social, political, and cultural issues? Do you want to explore the relationships between humans and the environment while learning about the coasts and ocean? 

The Marine Studies Major housed in the College of Liberal Arts will focus on the social, political, and cultural issues of the coasts and ocean and be built on a meaningful understanding of marine natural science. This program was developed by OSU's world-leading research and academic faculty and is now available in the course catalog. NEW MAST FLYER  

Earth & Life Science Majors about the Coasts & Ocean

(Bachelor of Science)

Do you want to learn about ocean processes, marine life, and the ocean's connections with the atmosphere and land? Do you want to learn about conservation of the coasts, ocean, and marine resources?

Our programs are among the few intensive marine and environmental science undergraduate programs in the country, with opportunities to conduct research with faculty and graduate students. These instruction, research, and internship opportunities make OSU an excellent place to pursue the study of marine science. 


Minors about the Coasts & Ocean

Whatever your major— for example, in the field of arts, humanities, business, public health, engineering, or earth, life, and social sciences— you can gain experience in coastal and ocean issues with a minor.

With a minor, you can explore a new area of interest and increase the breadth of your knowledge and experience. Our minors are offered through the Colleges of Science, Earth, Oceanic, and Atmospheric Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Liberal Arts.