Committees provide key input and advice about our program development and implementation, using the Marine Studies Initiative Strategic Plan as a guide. For more information, contact us.


Academic Development Committee

The overarching educational goal for the Marine Studies Initiative is to “provide a transformational educational experience centered on marine studies.” We will create a transdisciplinary environment that expands innovative marine education and training opportunities for students, professionals and lifelong learners. This includes establishing a university-wide marine studies degree program, expanding collaborations with our educational partners and engaging students in seeking globally relevant solutions.

2016-2017 Academic Development Committee members:


  • Heppel, Selina (Fisheries and Wildlife, CAS)
  • Sagmiller, Kay (Center for Research in Lifelong STEM Learning, COEd)
  • Vega-Thurber, Rebecca (Microbiology, COS)

Steering Committee Members

  • Dierking, Lynn (College of Education)
  • Weis, Virginia (Integrative Biology, COS)


Research Development Committee

The overarching research goal for the Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) is to “advance leadership in transdisciplinary marine research and scholarship.” We aim to pioneer transdisciplinary marine studies by building on Oregon State’s world-class marine research and scholarship and forming networks that span scientific, political and socio-cultural disciplines. From integrated marine systems science to studying society’s reliance on the sea to global change and coastal community resilience, this research will advance the collective ability to accurately predict the outcomes of human actions and model the future trajectories of the world’s complex ecosystems.

2016-2017 Research Development Committee members:


  • Chan, Francis (Integrative Biology, COS)
  • Ruggiero, Peter (Geosciences, CEOAS)
  • Sylvia, Gil (Applied Economics, CAS)

Steering Committee Members

  • Ciannelli, Lorenzo (Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry, CEOAS)
  • Dundas, Steve (Applied Economics, COA)
  • Miller, Jessica (Fisheries and Wildlife, CAS)
  • Mote, Phil (OCCRI, CEOAS)
  • Spalding, Ana (School of Public Policy, CLA)


Outreach, Engagement, and Partnerships

The overarching outreach and engagement goal for the Marine Studies Initiative is to “Increase societal impact from marine studies in Oregon and beyond.”  We aim to develop and sustain partnerships and outreach and engagement efforts that will allow MSI to deliver societal, economic and environmental benefits to the diverse interests represented across the state. These outreach and engagement approaches build on Oregon State’s success as a land, sea, sun and space grant university, provide benefits to all partners, are responsive to coastal needs and complement and enhance existing partnerships.

This committee is to be established.