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Athena Abrahamsen

Ocean Acidification Awareness and Messaging

Hi! My name’s Athena Abrahamsen. I just finished my first year at OSU and I am pursuing a BS in Oceanography. I will be involved with the Ocean Acidification Awareness and Messaging Internship offered through MSI! In this position, I will be working with both visitors and Oregon Coast Aquarium staff to evaluate, refine, and develop education materials relating to the topic of ocean acidification. I look forward to the interactions I will have with people and learning from their experiences and understanding of environmental topics to create messaging that will be meaningful to the public. I believe it is extremely important that science is approachable and accessible as connection to these topics is necessary for these issues to be addressed.

My favorite cartoon character is SpongeBob (fun fact: I have a collection of SpongeBob shirts) and my “escape place” is Canemah Bluff Nature Park. Also, my comfort food is mashed potatoes and gravy. :)

Kyle Davis

Advancing Biogeochemical Instrumentation and Science

I was born and raised in Harrisburg, OR. A small town about 30 minutes north of Eugene and 30 minutes south of Corvallis. I am currently dual enrolled at Oregon State and Linn Benton CC and majoring in Ecological Engineering. I love backpacking, fishing, sand volleyball, baseball, and tons of other sports. I enjoy trying out new experiences and making new connections. Advancing Biogeochemical Instrumentation and Science is the title of my internship position. The main responsibilities include the following: daily onsite and/or virtual visits to the monitoring station to assure all instrument data streams are being recorded, deploying and maintaining the biogeochemical instrument array in Yaquina Bay, and assisting with code and analysis of data. I am looking forward to the constant field-work experience that I will have during the internship. More specifically, I am excited about learning more about instrumentation and how it works so that I may be able to implement those methods into future projects of mine. Being on the boat everyday sounds like a great opportunity to work on strictly using the resources that one is surrounded by. I hope to expand my professional goals by being exposed to new experiences that pertain to my current degree path of Ecological Engineering. The experiences that I have throughout the internship will help guide me into what I want my future career to consist of.

My favorite cartoon or comic book character is SpongeBob SquarePants. My favorite “escape place” are the Steens Mountains. My favorite comfort food is hands down my Mom’s Special K Loaf with broccoli, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Marina Larson

Citizen Arts & Sciences in Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve

My name is Marina Larson, I am a senior at Oregon State University studying Marine Conservation, majoring in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences! I am honored to be the 2022 summer intern for the MSI Cascade Head Climate Change and Citizen Sciences Internship! In this position, I will work with the 4CAST and Cascade Head Biosphere Teams, to assist with the day to day organization and implementation of this amazing collaborative project in Lincoln City. I am thrilled to get the opportunity to work with various state, federal and non-profits in the pursuit of identifying and measuring the impacts of climate change within the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve. I am excited about the art and community aspect of this opportunity, as well as gaining more experience with data collection and public engagement. And I am looking forward to learning how to develop strategies to recruit more students from underrepresented groups into the project. From this experience I am hoping to learn how to facilitate collaboration between different partners, and how to foster connection and community in projects such as this one. I want this specific knowledge and experience to aid me in my career aspirations of implementing community based solutions to meet our conservation needs. 

And as far as my favorite comic book character, I'll have to go with Hobbes, from Calvin and Hobbes! My favorite place to escape to when I am stressed has recently been my go-to tree to climb, at Chip Ross Park in Corvallis (it has an amazing view of the whole valley and Mary's Peak!). And finally my favorite comfort food is fresh red rock crab, absolutely smothered in salted butter on a summer's day... perfection.

Theodore Nuss

Citizen Arts & Sciences in Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve
I am a senior in OSU's Fisheries and Wildlife Science program, with a focus on marine mammals and marine environments. I grew up in North Carolina, where I met my wife and spent most of my enlistment. I will be working at the Cascade Head Biosphere as part of the 4CAST Project, which will incorporate art, science, traditional knowledge, media, and citizen science to promote awareness about climate change. I am looking forward to working with people, spending my time engaging with the community, and helping to share knowledge pertaining to the biosphere and how we can respond to climate change as a community. I hope to gain a better understanding of science communication, not just the synthesis of data but the engagement of my audience so I can help create a lasting impression. I'd like to apply my experience from this internship in graduate school where I would like to focus on science communication and public education.

My favorite cartoon character lately has been Peridot from a show called Steven Universe, she had excellent character growth. My escape place is either a trail with my camera or the gym. Both help me to let loose and just enjoy a hobby and improve myself. My comfort food is definitely barbeque, growing up in the south I was spoiled with excellent pulled pork, ribs, and brisket.

Misha Robertson

Seafood Industry Relationships and Marketing
My name is Misha and I will be an intern for Local Ocean Seafood! I'm an Idaho native who moved to Oregon for school 4 years ago and fell in love with the coast. My hobbies include cosplay, roller skating, and digital art. I'm excited for my internship where I will get to learn a lot about Newport, the local wildlife, and commercial fishing. For a career I'd like to go into agricultural communications so this internship is perfect for me to learn how to do just that.

As for some of my favorites; my favorite cartoon character is Cosmo from the Fairly Odd Parents, my biggest comfort food is pretzel bread, and my escape place has got to be sitting on the couch with my cat.

Tate Scarpaci

Marine Reserve Interpretation and Science Communication
I'm majoring in Marine Studies and will be finishing my degree in the fall. I'm originally from a small town in Southern Oregon. I love the natural world and specifically the marine environment which is part of why I am so excited to be doing my internship at the Port Orford Field Station. Through the internship I will  be working to communicate the ecological and cultural importance of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve to the public. I am looking forward to experiencing the reserve first hand and gaining a better understanding of how to communicate the importance of  conservation to a diverse audience. It will be great to get out of Corvallis for a little and be on the coast.
My favorite cartoon character right now is Tatsu from "The Way of the Househusband. My favorite escape place would probably be Avery park, and my favorite comfort food is a bean and cheese burrito.

Jeremy Schaffer

Coastal Bird Stewardship and Outreach
My name is Jeremy Schaffer and I am finishing up my third year at OSU, majoring in Marine Studies with a minor in Oceanography. I especially love outdoor adventures, sea kayaking, rock climbing, trips to the beach with my family, and of course learning about the ocean. I am super excited to be working on the Coastal Bird Stewardship and Outreach internship at Cape Perpetua this summer.  I am looking forward to meeting new people, cultivating new connections and learning new skills while having some fun during this internship. Broadening my knowledge and abilities while increasing public awareness about seabird and shorebird conservation, working with Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon State Parks, state and federal forest rangers as well as other organizations sounds amazing.

My favorite comfort foods are the never-ending array of desserts my younger sister creates. My favorite escape place is relaxing in a hot bath while reading a good book. I would say my favorite comic book character is spiderman.

Faith Townsend

Marine Reserve Interpretation and Science Communication

Hello! My name is Faith Townsend, and I am a first-year student majoring in Oceanography and Environmental Science with a focus on chemistry applications, and completing a GIS certificate. I am from California and love to go backpacking and scuba diving. For my internship, I will be working in Port Orford with the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve Community Team to communicate and study the positive impacts of the marine reserve. I am most looking forward to living on the coast and working with the community in Port Orford to learn the benefits of the reserve. I hope to learn more about the human dimension of marine reserves and effective science communications.

My favorite comic book character is Doc Ock, and my favorite comfort food is pasta. My favorite "escape place" is anywhere on the coast or in forests, as long as it doesn't have cell service.

Erin Webber

Big Blue Film Festival Development

I'm Erin Webber, I am a Sophomore (Junior as of Summer 2022) at OSU studying Design and Innovation Management. I will be helping coordinate and organize the Big Blue Film Festival for the Marine Studies Initiative. This includes drafting a business plan, developing marketing strategies, and finding sponsors. I am so excited to work within the MSI and apply the things I have been studying in my major. This film festival will be such a new and wonderful experience and I am so honored to be coordinating it! I hope to learn the ins and outs of real-life business and event planning skills and to be able to network with established business people in the film, marine studies, and business industries.

My favorite cartoon character is Kronk from Emperor's New groove. My favorite "escape place" is a quiet spot near the river. My favorite comfort food is Pad Thai from Lana Thai in Seattle, Washington.

Anabel Baker

Roundhouse Foundation Marine Studies Program Innovation Lab Scholarship and Internship Fund

I am Anabel Baker, an honors undergraduate sophomore in ecological engineering at Oregon State University. I have a strong passion for the ocean. From tidepooling to participating in intertribal Canoe Journey with my Samish relatives, my interest in the marine world is pervasive in nearly every aspect of my life. At the Roundhouse Foundation Innovation Lab Internship this summer, I hope to add to my knowledge, and go through the engineering process in a setting that sparks my creativity. I have so many questions, ideas, and things I wish to explore at the Marine Studies Building Innovation Lab through the Roundhouse internship. My goal is to gain hands-on experience and apply what I’ve learned in my engineering classes in the marine environment, a setting that inspires me. I also look forward to learning about how engineers can have interdisciplinary collaborations with other marine fields. Being able to participate in the design process for marine-oriented projects alongside mentors and experts will provide vital experience and knowledge for my future career.

My favorite escape place is underneath the ferry dock at low tide, especially in the summers when it’s hot. This is the only place I’ve been able to reliably see sea pens in the Seattle area of Puget Sound , and every time I go, they are right there nestled into the sand amidst the pilings. It’s been my spot to hide away for years now, and I always feel comforted wading knee deep in the Puget Sound and looking around for my favorite little critters. When it's cold and rainy, there’s nothing better than some good soup. And what is the ocean if not a very big soup?

Genevieve Coblentz-Strong

Roundhouse Foundation Marine Studies Program Innovation Lab Scholarship and Internship Fund

I am Genevieve, a second-year undergraduate student at Oregon State University. I am pursuing degrees in mechanical engineering and in ocean science. I plan to pursue a career in ocean engineering, a field in which I hope to make scientific and technological advancements that will further our understanding of the ocean and climate. I am thrilled to be a recipient of the Roundhouse Foundation Marine Studies Program Innovation Lab Scholarship and Internship Fund. This internship will involve working in conjunction with scientists and engineers to design and create technology that will improve ocean-related scientific research. I am excited about the mentoring opportunity at the Hatfield Marine Science Center Innovation Lab and the experience to acquire and apply skills in engineering design that will build a strong foundation for my post-graduation career. I also look forward to collaborating with researchers, scientists, community, and other engineers.

My favorite escape place is Otter Rock Marine Reserve where I loves to go tidepooling. My favorite cartoon character is Dory from Finding Nemo and my favorite comfort food is a bar of dark chocolate.

Spencer Tanenholtz

Roundhouse Foundation Marine Studies Program Innovation Lab Scholarship and Internship Fund

My name is Spencer and I am a first-year at Oregon State, where I am studying Ecological Engineering and Oceanography major. My internship with MSI is with the HMSC Innovation Lab, where I will be working with machinery in the lab and working on various design projects. I hope to pursue a career in habitat restoration and environmental sensing and look forward to learning new hands-on skills in the Lab. I grew up in Denver, Colorado, where I was a competitive gymnast and volunteered at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I love learning new things and teaching them to others. I have a deep love for the ocean and enjoys SCUBA diving, a hobby I engage in whenever possible. I enjoy travel and love being near the ocean.

My favorite cartoon is Avatar The Last Airbender, and I enjoys a steaming, comforting bowl of pasta on cold nights.