Marine-Related Intern Projects

Over the summer, our summer interns worked hard on creating projects addressing different marine-related topics, researching and then creating presentations and posters on the information they found. Explore videos of their presentations and links to their posters below!

Sophie Dziak 

Sophie Dziak Summer 2021 Internship Presentation

Sophie Dziak is a Junior at Oregon State University, currently studying Design and Innovation Management. She is originally from Newport, Oregon. In Summer 2021, she interned with Local Ocean Seafood and Grill, located in Newport, as their Seafood Sustainability Values intern. She worked to create messaging and promotions around one or more core company values of seafood consumption and personal health, seafood sustainability, ocean health, and connection with local fishermen.

Thanks to the Oregon Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Coordinating Council for providing partial support for this internship.

Poster: Local Ocean Summer Marketing Campaign (PDF)


Drake Gross

Drake Gross Summer 2021 Internship Presentation

Drake Gross is a senior at OSU, majoring in marine biology. In Summer 2021, he participated in the MSI Coastal Tourism internship at Cascade Head. He focused on the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area and the Interpretive Wayside. Partnering with the Access and Trails Collaboration, and created a project to tell a story about Cascade Head Scenic Research Area, covering the need for recreational use, online messaging on Salmon River estuary restoration, and more.

Poster: Through the Eyes of a Tourist- The View of Cascade Head (PDF)


Jeremy Schaffer

Jeremy Schaffer Summer 2021 Internship Presentation

Jeremy Schaffer is a third-year student at OSU, majoring in Marine Studies with minors in Oceanography and History. He worked this summer in Citizen Science “4Cast Project: Coastal Climate Change + Community Art, Science and Tradition", with a focus on the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve. His work involved training and working with citizen science volunteers, developing data collection and monitoring protocols, conducting research on species and habitats, and more.

Poster: 4Cast Project: In the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve (PDF)


Maddie English 

Maddie English Summer 2021 Internship Presentation

Maddie English is a senior majoring in Environmental Science with an option in Aquatic Biology, and minoring in Marine Conservation and Management. She headed to Port Orford for the summer, where she studied and communicated the ecological and cultural benefits of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve. She did a combination of volunteer coordinator and interpretive ranger work.

Poster: State of the Urchins- Reproductive Analysis Through Gonadal Index and Color (PDF)


Chloe Lee

Chloe Lee Summer 2021 Internship Presentation

Chloe Lee is a third-year Oregon State University Honor's College student, majoring Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and minoring in Chemistry and Computer Science. She worked with the Marine Studies Initiative Office and OSU Aquaculture faculty on efforts to raise the visibility of both programs through social media and website development. She worked with the MSI team and Aquaculture faculty to boost current strategic planning efforts to support greater collaboration among OSU aquaculture departments and programs.

Poster: The Power of Media- Raising Awareness of Aquaculture Efforts in Oregon (PDF)



Emily Morrow

Emily Morrow Summer 2021 Internship Presentation

Emily Morrow is an OSU transfer student, studying Earth Sciences. She worked with the Oregon Coast Aquarium to conduct research on visitor awareness about ocean acidification. Guided by a social marketing framework, she created research tools to gather data on visitors’ knowledge, values, and behaviors related to ocean acidification.

Thanks to the Oregon Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Coordinating Council for providing partial support for this internship.



MSI summer internships would not be possible without our outstanding mentors! 

We would like to thank all of our mentors for their commitment to guiding students through their research and work experiences, especially this summer when original projects had to be modified due to COVID-19 concerns. 

2022 internship opportunities are coming soon!