Above & Beyond

Over the summer, our summer interns worked hard on creating projects addressing different marine-related topics, researching and then creating presentations and posters on the information they found. Explore videos of their presentations and links to their posters below!

Summer 2020 Internships 

In spite of COVID-19 challenges, Hatfield Marine Science Center and Port Orford Field Station welcomed summer interns once again. Some were in-person while others were remote. Over 30 interns participated in the National Science Foundation-supported “Research Experiences for Undergraduates, REU” program, Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholars, NOAA scholarships, MSI internship program, and others in partnership with public agencies. We thank all faculty mentors for their commitment to guiding students through their research and work experiences, especially this summer when original projects had to be modified due to COVID concerns. Here are highlights from our summer MSI interns who were based at Hatfield Marine Science Center and Port Orford Research Station.

Below are the videos and information about what each intern worked on for their marine-related project. You can also view all of the intern videos on our YouTube

 Maia Insinga

Maia Insigna Summer Internship Presentation 2020

Maia Insinga (Science Filmmaking) is an undergraduate studying psychology combined with marine conservation and management. With no previous videography experience, she planned, filmed, wrote and edited a short film “Oregon Surfing: A Vital Way of Life” which highlighted her personal feelings and passions about surfing in Oregon. Passionate about marine activism and conservation, she strived to show that ardor in this film. Her summation of the internship was “I had a great time this summer and couldn't have asked for a better internship program, especially during a pandemic. Thank you!” (Mentor:  Saskia Madlener, OSU Productions)

View Maia's Oregon Surfing video here!

Poster: Oregon Surfing- A Vital Way of Life (PDF)

Chantelle MacAdams

Chantelle MacAdams Summer Internship Presentation

Chantelle MacAdams (Science Communication), a zoology and marine biology student, worked on outreach materials about research projects in the rocky intertidal of Oregon’s marine reserves. Her social media posts and infographic on sea star methods aimed to make research more accessible to a wider audience, building trust with community stakeholders and decision makers. Chantelle said that the internship helped her grow personally and professionally, especially the strong relationships built with agency staff. (Mentor:  Cori Kane, MSI-OSU, Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife)

Poster: Did You Know That ODFW Studies Sea Star Health in Our Marine Reserves? (PDF)


McKenzie Barker

McKenzie Barker Summer Internship Presentation 2020

McKenzie Barker (Water Quality Monitoring), is an undergraduate studying biology, ecology and chemistry. She performed various statistical analyses on water quality data collected from Tillamook Bay. McKenzie focused on the relationship between ocean acidification and water favorability for biocalcification. Her goal was to understand when water conditions are optimal for shell formation—key information for coastal economies reliant on oyster aquaculture and crabbing. When asked her thoughts on the internship, McKenzie said, “I learned so much about myself. The whole internship experience of living at Hatfield, meeting with the other interns, meeting researchers, and doing work with the EPA was great and I am so happy I got this experience. It showed me what doing research was like in areas aside from academia.” (Mentor: Steve Pacella, Environmental Protection Agency)

Poster: Water Quality Monitoring- The First Step to Protect Ocean Life (PDF)

Carlos Avendano 

Carlos Avendano Summer Internship Presentation 2020

Carlos Avendano (Ocean Acidification & Hypoxia [OAH] Awareness) is an undergraduate studying marine biology. During his internship, Carlos worked with the OAH Council to improve or create new OAH educational resources. He expanded the OAH Council website, and using his translation skills, created new bilingual handouts and a survey to reach Spanish-speaking communities. When asked how the internship affected his career plans, Carlos said, “It has made me more interested in the outreach and communication side of Marine Science, something I hadn't been exposed to previously. I would be happy to pursue a job in this field.” (Mentor:  Charlotte Regula-Whitefield, Oregon Dept . of Fish and Wildlife, OAH Council)

Poster: Ocean Acidification & Hypoxia Awareness (PDF)

Tom McCambridge

Tom McCambridge Summer Internship Presentation 2020

Tom McCambridge (Marine Reserve Interpretation) was based at Port Orford Research Station where he created a video and social media products for nonscientific audiences to increase awareness of the scientific research in the Red Rocks Marine Reserve. He experienced the research first-hand by assisting the grey whale, intertidal and sustainable seafood teams at POFS. Did this internship change this marine biology and chemistry student’s career plans? “Absolutely. I love the idea of doing research for a living, but the day-to-day activity and impact of science communication sounds more fulfilling than research. As research becomes more and more of a collaborative undertaking, I could see myself being in a role of communicator on a research team.” (Mentor:  Tom Calvanese, POFS)

View Tom's Redfish Rocks video here!

Poster: Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve- Experience the Reserve to Interpret the Reserve  (PDF)

O'Malley Martin & Kendal Oetken

Kendal Oetken & O'Malley Martin Summer Internship Presentation 2020

O’Malley Martin and Kendal Oetken (Coastal Tourism) worked with USDA Forest Service staff on the Siuslaw National Forest to create three short videos promoting eco-tourism in Tillamook County and coastal areas. The guiding objective was to make viewers aware of the importance of their Oregon coastal environment and forming a personal connection with them. Their “Daily Walks” video named simple walks along the Oregon coast, emphasizing that building a healthy daily habit in the outdoors does not have to be complicated. Both students commented on how the internship helped them grow personally and professionally. Kendal, a marine biology student, mentioned her improved writing skills and enlarged professional network. An aquatic biology environmental sciences major, O’Malley added, “This internship gave me an overall understanding of how job in the tourism industry work alongside government agencies. I gained several skills that I’m sure will help me in whatever field I go into.” (Mentor:  Traci Merritt, USDA Forest Service)

Poster: Ecotourism Outreach on the Oregon Coast (PDF)

Bethany Whitten 

Bethany Whitten Summer Internship Presentation 2020

Bethany Whitten (Aquatic Microbiology) is an undergraduate Ocean Sciences major with a Marine Biology and Ecology minor. She explored antibiotic resistance in Oregon coastal environments by looking at bacteria in shellfish, water and sediment, sampling from 10 locations from Tillamook to Waldport, OR. Her advice to students considering an MSI internship is “This internship helped me to grow in many more ways than I expected. Over the 10 weeks I was able to focus on my career goals and perform tasks that will set me up for success in alignment with those goals.  I feel so much more prepared and confident in continuing my academic career. My vision of what my future career will be has become clearer.” (Faculty mentor:  Carla Schubiger)

Poster: Do Cows Provide More Than Milk?- Antibiotic Resistance in Oregon Coastal Environments  (PDF)


MSI summer internships would not be possible without our outstanding mentors! 

We would like to thank all of our mentors for their commitment to guiding students through their research and work experiences, especially this summer when original projects had to be modified due to COVID-19 concerns. 

2021 internship opportunities are coming soon!