Dive in!

The Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) office offers a variety of summer internships focused on interdisciplinary topics of the ocean and coasts. View the 2018 interns below!

Cora Rose Bobo-Shisler 

My internship is attempting to contribute research to help save a dying mud shrimp species. I will be sampling and analyzing sediment samples from the Yaquina Bay where there are some remaining mud shrimp. I will be looking for a few different things, but one of the main goals is to find out if there are cable bacteria present in the shrimp burrows.  

One of the things I am most looking forward to about the internship is gaining experience with field work. I love being outside and know that I want my future career to involve field work. I am also really looking forward to learning new researching skills such as sampling and analysis techniques. I hope to apply my new knowledge and new skills in creative ways when I am working as an ecological engineer.

Charles Leal

I currently am an undergraduate senior attending Oregon State University for Environmental Science and Oceanography. I hope to one day work with fisheries and marine pollution to help mitigate and improve our ecosystems. I work mostly with Professor Byron Crump of CEOAS in his lab focusing on the ecology and genetic expressions of microbiomes in estuarial environments. I enjoy science and discovering ways that science can help with environmental issues. When I am not working on ecology I am working my alternative job playing drums and performing at music events in the band "Riptides to the Sky". I am a native to Oregon and have lived in the area for most of my life, I am of Hispanic and Sioux Native American decent and the first in my family to obtain a college degree.

My internship this summer will be working with NOAA’s fishery department studying the recent invasions of pyrosomes in the waters off the Oregon coast. 

Tara Pierce

My internship is at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. This is the first summer this particular internship is running, which seeks to combine art and science with interdisciplinary work. I plan on hosting drawing workshops for scientists, locals, and visitors. These workshops will examine where art and science overlap - observation.

I am looking forward to many aspects of this internship. As an eco-artist working on ocean issues, being near the sea daily is critical to my art practice (and my well-being, as the ocean feel more like home than anywhere else). Working alongside marine scientists will provide an exciting perspective, especially if I get to spend time on a research vessel at sea. This experience will be an immersion into the fields that fascinated me and an immersion into various methods of knowledge production. It will inform my art practice, providing me with insights on the most effective way to promote positive change with my art. 

Haley Kent

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest in the small town of Sweet Home, Oregon. Some of my favorite hobbies are venturing through tide pools, playing soccer with my friends, but mostly hiking, anywhere and everywhere. I have always had a vibrant passion for marine life, most specifically sharks, since I was a little girl. It has led me down the path of studying marine ecology at Oregon State University. 

I am so excited about the Gray Whale Foraging Ecology Internship in Port Orford! I look forward to seeing a lot of whales and getting to spend a lot of time outdoors on the Oregon Coast. 

Keana Pigg

I am senior at Oregon State University studying Digital Communication Arts and minoring in anthropology and business and entrepreneurship. I love to go on adventures and travel. In fact, I studied abroad with Semester at Sea and had the opportunity to travel to twelve countries in four months! My internship with MSI will be to help develop the Guide, Outfitter Recognition and Professional Development Program at the Oregon Coast! I will collaborate and communicate with clients, guides, key audiences and other professional in the tourism industry. I am looking forward to learning more about tourism at the Oregon Coast as well as explore new areas of the coast myself. I hope that one day I will be able to apply what I learned to help create a more sustainable future.

Jake Pinkus

Jake’s internship with MSI will focus on dulse farming.  Dulse is a seaweed recognized for its health benefits and its familiar taste of bacon. He looks forward to mastering how to grow and process dulse for the highest quality product and lowest environmental impact.

He hopes to apply his summer experience to his post-university travels. He is formulating plans to transform low-income farming communities in parts of South America using modern agricultural techniques and specialty crops like Dulse.