Summer 2018 Interns

Jake Pinkus

When Jake was young, he often found himself taking long adventures in the local woodlands after school.  His appreciation of nature led to a fascination of the natural environment and growing plants.  After experiencing destructive farming techniques during a summer job in high school, he figured there must be a better way. This led Jake to study Ecological Agriculture at the University of Vermont.

Jake’s internship with MSI will focus on dulse farming.  Dulse is a seaweed recognized for its health benefits and its familiar taste of bacon. He looks forward to mastering how to grow and process dulse for the highest quality product and lowest environmental impact.

Jake hopes to apply his summer experience to his post-university travels. He is formulating plans to transform low-income farming communities in parts of South America using modern agricultural techniques and specialty crops like Dulse.

His favorite comic book character is Storm.

His favorite comfort food is seaweed salad.

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